Christmas Decorations That Fit Right In With the Summer Season

There are many Christmas decorations that fit right in with the summer season, and there is no reason that you need to wish yourself to be celebrating in the middle of winter. People who live in Australia, and other parts of the world, celebrate Christmas during summer, and their festive season is very different to other countries.

Summer and Christmas in Australia can be hot and sticky, and there is a tendency to spend time outdoors, by the pool or the beach, rather than huddled up inside close to a fire. The food that is chosen for Christmas is often light and summery, with an emphasis on seafood, fresh salads, fruits and cold meats. These are much nicer choices for foods in summer, as opposed to the heavy traditional foods that are eaten in countries that celebrate during winter.

Christmas decorations are another consideration, if you are spending your Christmas in the season of summer. There is no need to have heavy and dark decorations, as these can be saved for the countries that are celebrating during winter. If you are spending Christmas during summer, then think about decorations that are fresh, bright and sparkling.

Choose natural items for your Christmas decorations

Whether you choose to make your own decorations, or purchase them from a specialist Christmas store, you can choose decorations that have a natural theme. Summer is about spending time in nature, so let this theme be reflected in the decorations that you choose.

You may like to include images of flowers, shells or animals for your decorations this Christmas, and be sure to choose ones that are native to the part of the world that you live in. Summer is not about huddling up indoors, it is about watching the world around you bloom and come alive. Incorporate natural items into your Christmas decorations this year.

Choose summery colours for your home and tree

Ditch the dark and rich colours, and decorate with fresh summer colours. Think of the colours that exist in the world around you at that time of the year. The sun is warm, golden and yellow. The ocean is blue and turquoise. The flowers are pink and brilliant yellow, and everything is shining and sparkling.

Choose sparkling and summery materials for your decorations

Brighten up your home and Christmas tree with sequins and shining things. You might choose to use mirrors, glass baubles or items that glisten and shine. Imagine the lights on the water during summer, and the shimmering effect that is created by the heat and light of the sun. You can transfer this image into your home, to keep with a summer theme this Christmas.

There are many new materials being produced every year, and there is no need to be boring or predictable with your decorations. Take a look through a Christmas store and be open minded about what you see. If you are spending the festive season during summer, then choose summery materials that glisten, sparkle and shine.

Incorporate summer activities into your Christmas decorations

How do you like to spend Christmas and the summer season. Maybe you surf or spend time by the beach. Consider including these themes in your Christmas decorations, including mini surf boards, decoration ice-cream cones, suns and stars, shells and fish. All of these ocean and beach themed items can be used as Christmas decorations, to truly show off your most favourite time of year.

You might like to use light, bright and summer images, including trees, plants and flowers. Spring is just over and the environment is in full bloom. The animals are out and active and the natural environment is a busy place. Incorporate animals, plants, shells, sand and flowers into your overall summer Christmas theme.

DAYS Til Santa!

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