What Christmas Decorations Work Well With a Nativity Scene?

Establishing a nativity scene in your home over the Christmas season will ensure that you remember and respect the traditional values of the celebration, and that your family and children will also benefit from these. A nativity scene is a great way to remember the true story of Christmas, and pay dedication to Christ, as he was born on Christmas day.

Nativity scenes can be of any size, and can be featured inside or outside of your home. If you are responsible for decorating the space at a school, community organisation or workplace, you might find that a large nativity scene is the best way to draw attention. If you are at home, and you want a nativity scene inside, in a bedroom or lounge room, then you may even purchase a small statue and place additional decorations around it.

Remember though, that a nativity scene can extend to include other decorations in the room. It looks fantastic when decorations are matched and coordinated, so that a streamlined look is created throughout the entire area. This is why it’s important to learn what Christmas decorations work well and look great with a nativity scene.

When you make the decision for selecting the decorations to be used with your Nativity scene, start by listing the most traditional concepts. There are many different items that are relevant to, and featured within the story of Jesus, and you can use these in your decorations at home.


Stars are the most important feature in a nativity display, or any Christmas display in general. Not only do they look great, but they are historically relevant to the birth of Jesus, and the story of the important people who followed a star to find him.

Stars can be used at the tops of tree, as a decorative-theme or as hanging ornaments. You can choose stars that light up bright in the light, or glittery stars and twinkle and shine. Stars are beautiful and they make the perfect addition to a traditional Christian nativity scene.


Candles are elegant and humble. They remind us that Christmas is not all about electronic devises, and that tradition and simplicity can be rewarding. You can use candles just for decoration, or you can even burn them for light or a ceremony. Just ensure that you stay safe, and don’t leave burning candles unattended, especially around so many flammable decorations.


Angels bring peace, love, hope and friendship. They look elegant at any time of the year, but they are even more appropriate at Christmas time. If you hang an angel ornament from a high place, above the nativity scene, it will look like she is watching over the little baby Jesus.


Music can be decorative, like a bell or a harp, placed in or near the nativity scene, but remember you can also use music to enhance the experience of the scene. You can play traditional Christmas carols so that everyone viewing the scene can feel the love and joy, or you could simply play calming and beautiful music to put everyone in the mood.

Christmas trees

If you have a nativity scene in your living area, then you might want to place your Christmas tree nearby. The two features will look great together and they will complement the decorativeness of each other. A star on top of the Christmas tree will be well suited to the scene of little baby Jesus next to it.

Decorations that shine

The birth of Jesus is all about hope and peace, so choose decorations that bring you that. Choose decorations that shine and glimmer, like the twinkling stars in the sky above little baby Jesus’s crib.

DAYS Til Santa!

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