Christmas in Darwin

Darwin is a major tourist destination for both Australians and international visitors to the country, including over the Christmas period. While Darwin is a long way away from Sydney and Melbourne, a flight to Darwin is well worth the effort, even during the warmer months of summer.

The remote location of Darwin offers a unique style of tourism where visitors can explore the desert and natural landscapes, and come face to face with Australian animals including kangaroos and crocodiles. While city-based wildlife parks can offer some natural experiences, the remote location allows tourists to observe them in their natural habitat. There are many experiences that are unique to Australia that cannot be had in city areas, and a trip out to Darwin and its surrounding areas is a great choice.

The only caution about visiting Darwin at Christmas time is the weather, including great heat and also storms which frequently come rolling in. While the experience of Christmas in Darwin can still be enjoyed as a tourist, or a resident, you will certainly need to be aware of the weather restrictions and if you have an outdoor excursion planned you might like to prepare a backup plan in case it starts raining. Lunch or Dinner on Christmas Day might be better as an indoor experience, in preference over an outdoor picnic.Things to do in Darwin while on Christmas holidays
As Darwin is a popular area for tourism you will find no shortage of fun things to do over the Christmas period, for individuals of all ages, including children and families. Even if you live permanently in the Darwin area you can use your Christmas holidays to join in with the visitors, to explore the attractions in the region.

The opportunities are varied and include sailing from Darwin, across the harbour to Tiwi Islands. Mary River also hosts a range of tours where you can see crocodiles and relax surrounded by a natural Australian environment. Mary River features wetland environments and there are also opportunities for fishing in the river.

If you are interested in the history of Australia, Darwin and World War II there are a number of well-established museums that will take you through the major events in the region, including the relationships with surrounding Asian countries. Some museums are more suitable for adults, while others also cater for the interests of teens and young children.

During the evenings you will certainly want to make the most of the warm outdoors. It is easy to spend your days exploring and your evenings resting, either on a yacht or boat, at an outdoor café or restaurant, or catching a film at the Deckchair Cinema. If you are spending time with friends and family over the Christmas period you will certainly enjoy relaxing in the evenings when it is cooler but still warm, to enjoy chatting and sharing food and drinks. Darwin is a fantastic place to spend with groups of people, soaking up the culture and the environment that the city has to offer.

Christmas time always involves shopping, for both food and gifts, and Darwin has many different choices for retail therapy experiences. One of the most rewarding options for Christmas shopping is to visit the markets. There are many different local markets, situated in different locations and at different times.

Mindil Beach Sunset Markets are a popular choice for individuals and families who are keen to taste a variety of cuisines. You can stroll between the stalls and feast on Sri Lankan, Turkish, Greek, Cambodian, and Japanese foods. There are delicious deserts and drinks, and while you enjoy them under the moonlight you will be entertained by street performers.

Other markets, including community markets in the suburbs Nightcliff and Parap will allow you to catch up on your Christmas gift shopping. If you are seeking unique and quirky gifts for friends and family, then you will surely find what you need at these markets which offer an alternative to the mainstream retail shops. The local Darwin markets offer handicrafts, Australian souvenirs that are made locally, fashion and bits and pieces for your home. You will enjoy strolling through them in the outdoors, but make sure that you leave time for a cool drink as the Darwin summer gets hot. You’ll also appreciate taking sunscreen and a broad-brimmed hat.

DAYS Til Santa!