Christmas in Sydney

The spirit of Christmas soars in Australia’s largest city – Sydney. Local residents and tourists from all over the world travel to this impressive city for the most festive time of year. The streets are alive with lights and Christmas decorations, there is music and carols in the air, and friendly smiles are on everyone’s faces.

If you are living or visiting Sydney during Christmas you will want to plan the festive season in advance. While there is a lot to do, there are also many people with the same idea as you. Ensure that you allow extra time to move around, and plan your shopping well ahead of the special day. Sydney Christmas Concerts Christmas concerts are a popular social event in Sydney, and they attract large crowds, especially in the inner city areas of Martin Place, Hyde Park, Rushcutters Bay, Rosebery, Alexandria and Surry Hills. These inner-city suburbs host brilliant Christmas concerts that are suitable for the entire family. The most popular Christmas carols are sung and celebrated, and printed song sheets are available at many locations. Stages light up with dancers and performers and the spirit of Christmas is wild. Young children will be delighted by visits from Santa who brings lollies as gifts during a surprise visit to the concert. Smiles will be wide and there will be a lot of fun with music, Christmas decorations, Christmas lights, and good old fashioned Christmas cheer. Carols in The Domain Carols in The Domain is a popular, televised Christmas concert that is the largest in Australia and central to the celebrations in the city of Sydney. Revellers flock to the green and grassy domain in the heart of the inner-city. The Domain is located right near the central shopping district that is alight with Christmas lights and large outdoor Christmas trees. It is also next to the harbour and The Botanic Gardens. A large stage is erected and people visiting the domain stretch out on the grass to enjoy the concert with family, children and friends. There are celebrities and stars and the event is held in support of charity. Popular characters appear at this event, there are show bags, picnic opportunities, candles and a strong Christmas spirit from all involved. Martin Place Christmas Tree The Martin Place Christmas tree lights up the centre of Sydney, in the shopping and business district. This is a massive tree that is bright with Christmas lights, Christmas decorations and glass Christmas decorations. All visitors to the tree will be impressed by its size and festive spirit. A visit to Sydney during Christmas is not complete without a visit to this massive tree, and the perfect time to view it is during one of the Christmas concerts that are held in the area during its erection. You can access Martin Place by train, bus or monorail.Inner-Sydney shopping decorations In the centre of Sydney, the city lights up during Christmas, with festive displays in the windows of shops. You can enjoy a wonderful walk from Town Hall, right through to the Queen Victoria Building and David Jones building, and see what the city has to offer during Christmas time. You will find displays of Christmas decorations, fancy Christmas trees of all sizes, and classy decorations including glass Christmas decorations. Suburban Christmas light displays Christmas light competitions are huge in Sydney, especially in the regional areas. It is worth taking a drive through the suburbs around where you are staying to view the lights that are on display. Often entire streets light up their houses and add Christmas trees and decorations to their yards outside. Public transport is not always an option for these visits as many of the houses are located in faraway locations. If you have a car then drive around your local suburbs and see the Christmas lights on display, and keep an ear out to local radio for specific streets that stand out as the best. Christmas fireworks in Sydney Cockle Bay Wharf is a popular location for fireworks that are displayed regularly throughout the Christmas period, and also on Christmas Eve. They can be seen from many different locations around Sydney, but the best view comes from right in Darling Harbour itself, where you’ll find many other attractions, including dining, water views and shopping. Other fireworks are located in outer suburbs of Sydney, which is a broad city. To locate fireworks near you, check out your local paper for the exact locations and times that are near you. Visiting Sydney for Christmas If you’re going to visit Sydney during Christmas you will leave well rewarded for your effort. There are many attractions to see, cultural celebrations to join in, and a city that is highly decorated with Christmas decorations, Christmas trees and Christmas lights. You will want to plan well ahead for your visit, and realise that there are many restrictions in moving around. Some stores and attractions have different trading hours and public transport may run on a different time table. Also book your flights and accommodation ahead of time, so that you aren’t disappointed. Many of the hotels and motels are booked out at this time of year, or their prices are hire. Plan your visit ahead of time and then you can arrive relaxed, enjoying the decorations and Christmas lights that adorn this festive city of Sydney. Getting around Sydney during Christmas If you want to join in the Sydney festivities and view all of the Christmas trees and Christmas decorations in the centre of Sydney, then public transport is your best option. Ensure that you leave time for Circular Quay and Darling Harbour, so that you can soak up the water views, but also leave plenty of time to stroll through the inner-city that can be accessed by train, bus, light rail and or monorail. Christmas in Sydney is a fabulous opportunity to mingle with people from all over the world, and join in a celebration that is important to the people of this nation. It’s a beautiful, warm and spirited time of year that is enjoyable for all.

DAYS Til Santa!