Making the Most of Small Trinkets and Christmas Decorations

There is nothing wrong with small Christmas decorations, because Christmas is about meaningful moments, not just about large and grand ideas. While you may be impressed by your neighbours or other family members who have invested in large and impressive features, such as statues in their front yard or elaborate table centrepieces, this does not mean you need to compete in ‘size’. Christmas is not a time for a competition about who is bigger and better. It is a time for appreciation, love, family and giving.

If you can use your small trinkets and Christmas decorations to create a loving and meaningful experience for all those around you, then you are far ahead of those who focus only on the grand and impressive features. Think about different ways that you can show those around you that they are special and loved, and you will be making the Christmas period that they desire.

This does not mean that you too can’t invest in large-sized features and decorations, while still utilising the smaller decorations on offer. It would be wise to use both, large decorations like Christmas trees, statues and wreaths, and also the tiny items such as bells, stars and baubles. When you design a plan for your home, think about decorations of all sizes, because different sized items provide different experiences for those who see them.

Expand your collection of small decorations

A trinket on its own might be much, but a collection of them can be impressive. If you have a few small items, such as bells and stars, then expand your collection of them so that they are numerous.

Instead of hanging one star from the ceiling, can you imagine an entire ceiling covered with them? If you have a few bells to hang from ribbon or tinsel, then collect more so that you can stretch them across the entire room.

Use them as table settings

Just like bon-bons and napkins can be placed with the eating utensils at each guest’s table, you can provide them with their own individual ornaments. Calculate the number of people that you will be catering for and purchase enough small ornaments so that they can be given one each. Small and personalised details are meaningful, and help celebrate the purpose of Christmas, which is celebrations, love and good cheer.

Decorate stockings

If you have stockings to hang, above the fire place or the beds of your family members, then decorate them on the outside with trinkets and accessories. You can attach a star or a candy cane to each of the stockings, for decoration and meaning.

If you have lots of different decorations that are small, you can provide each person with a different one. They don’t all need to be matching or equal, just as each person in your family is different and unique.

Use them on tables and benches

We all have small areas of our home that can be decorated, including tables and benches. Place little trinkets on them for extra detail that won’t go unnoticed. You can also add small Christmas decorations to doors, on the outside of your home, or on the inside. You can decorate bedheads and kitchen handles, and you can even place Christmas decorations in your bathroom or toilet.

There are many places in your home that can be filled with small decorations that are special and elegant. Not every corner needs a large and impressive features, because during the period of Christmas it is the small things, and the finer details that matter the most.

DAYS Til Santa!

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