How to Safely Set Your Tree’s Electronic Christmas Decorations Up

Christmas should be an exciting time for everyone, not a time for accidents and injuries. No family wants a fire at any time, however they certainly don’t want one at Christmas or any time that there are lots of family members and friends in their home.

Electronic Christmas decorations can be very dangerous. Not only can they cause a fire, but they can also cause accidental electrocution, and trips and falls if they are placed in public walkways.

A Christmas tree should stand proudly, be brilliantly lit, hold a captivating star on the top of it, and be a joy for everyone to watch, including both adults and children. It should be the centre feature in the room during Christmas time, and put a smile on everyone that sees it.

Setting up a Christmas tree can take a lot of time, even though this time is a joy to spend with all the people involved. Both adults and children love to unpack the precious boxes, decide how they are going to arrange the decorations on the tree, and then finally see the finished products, standing all and gleaming in the centre of the room.

It is a wonderful moment, that time when a Christmas tree is decorated in a living room, and some lucky person gets to create magic by turning on the switch and seeing the electric lights twinkle and dance. Whether you have fairy lights, rope lights, electric ornaments or all of these, you will surely have a wonderful Christmas with a tree that is captivating and grand.

While accidents can happen at any time of the year, including Christmas, there are steps to take to minimise the risk so that every member of your family can be happy and safe. Ensure that you take these, and you will be well prepared for a happy and joyful Christmas.

Always follow the instructions

Christmas decorations, including electrical lights and motifs, come with instructions. All of these decorations are created differently, and are intended for different purposes. Because of this, it is very important to read them and follow them accordingly.

Some decorations are not suitable for Christmas trees, and are designed for other purposes. Some need to be connected to the wall correctly, or stabilised in different ways. Read these instructions and follow them properly, and also keep them with your electric Christmas tree decorations, in the box that you store them in, so that you can refer to them correctly year after year.

Never use indoor lights outdoors

Many families choose to establish a Christmas tree outdoors. This could be a fantastic feature in the front yard of your home that is an attraction to all of the children and adults in your neighbourhood. Many streets and suburbs have Christmas light competitions where visitors flock in large crowds to see the many different light displays in their surrounding area.

If you are deciding to establish a decorated and lit-up Christmas tree in your front yard, or your back yard, then you will need to ensure that you have the appropriate lights for the job. Indoor lights should never be used outdoors, for any reason, so you will need to acquire a set of lights that are designed for your outdoor purpose.

Don’t pile presents over the electrical connections

Christmas can be time when the living area gets crowded. There may be lots of new things in your home, including Christmas presents, decorations and Christmas trees. Many trees that are lit up with lights are placed near a power connection, or there is a power board nearby. If at all possible, please keep your tree away from electrical outlets and connections, however most importantly you should refrain from covering or smothering these connections with presents.

Many homes have piles of wrapped gifts, stacked under their tree, and these can stretch and spread to other areas of the living area. Devise a plan that will keep your presents well away from electrical connections, even when more of them are added in hurriedly over the Christmas period.

DAYS Til Santa!

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