How to Safely Store Your Artificial Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations are an asset to your family. They can have a lot of meaning and provide memories for all adults and children. Once your family has celebrated Christmas for a few years together, you will start to gather and collect different decorations. Many families pass down their decorations and Christmas ornaments, so that the memories that are in them can be continued to be enjoyed for the generations to come.

Young children may create Christmas decorations at school, and also at home if the family get together and have seasonal craft days. Decorations are also fantastic as gifts and many friends and family members give them to each other. These too can be collected and used again and again over the years.

Many families also like to create elaborate displays, indoors and outdoors. If you live in a suburban street you may have the energy and desire to decorate your front yard or even your back yard. This will ensure that your home stands out among the crowd, even in competition with surrounding families who do the same. You will attract crowds and visitors and everyone who sees it will rejoice with delight.

Families can also introduce elaborate indoor displays, not only in the living rooms of their home, but the bedrooms and hallways too. Many of these are personal and are very special to the people that live there, but the process of building the display is a great one, and it requires a lot of decorations and time to complete the project.

If you have a lot of Christmas decorations and you gain great joy out of decorating your home every year, then you will certainly be concerned about storing them correctly. Not only do you need the physical space to store the many decorations that you have collected, but you need the equipment to store them in. This may include boxes and bags, and also the packaging to protect them, such as bubble wrap and tissue paper.

There are different ways to protect Christmas decorations

The methods that you choose to use in storing your decorations will depend on the decorations that you own. Also, you may have a range of different decorations, including electric and non-electric ornaments, that that require different treatment. It is important to assess exactly what you have to protect, and then make the decisions for protection based on this.

You should always read the instructions regarding your decorations, as these will have the best suggestions for not only protecting them, but using them safely. Each item will need to be cared for differently, and the best information is always the manufacturer’s instructions.

Use soft packaging to protect your decorations

Soft packaging for the protection of your decorations can come in different forms. Some of it may need to be purchased, but other types can be obtained for free. You might even want to use the excess packaging from your gifts, such as wrapping paper and tissue paper, to pack away your decorations. Gift wrapping paper can be a huge waste after the presents have been unpacked, but not if you use it to pack away the decorations that you have used that year.

If you have highly delicate or precious decorations you might want to invest in high quality tissue paper for the purpose of protecting them. You can talk to many professional storage outlets and purchase rolls of it for the specific purpose of protecting your decorations, and they may have other ideas that you can use, including bubble wrap or brown paper rolls.

Make your own protective bags

If you are a great sewer then you can easily create some sewn drawstring bags for the storage of your precious decorations. If you do, make it a fun experience and take the time to decorate them with festive-themed fabric or accessories like stars and bells.

Even young children can take the time to make fabric bags, to protect their Christmas decorations. Sewing together can be a fun and rewarding family project, and the ease of making bags means that children can succeed at the activity too.

DAYS Til Santa!