Tips for More Lavish Christmas Decorations

If you are looking forward to Christmas this year, and you want to make a special effort, then you will be pleased to know that there are many lavish Christmas decorations that you can choose from, and enjoy in your home.

Many people want to impress friends and family members, and they have a tradition of beautiful decorations in their family. They may even compete in competitions with family and friends, and the people in their neighbourhood. During Christmas time, many families decorate the outside of their entire home with shining Christmas lights, and try and outdo all of the other families who are doing the same in their street.

This could be your year for lavish decorations. This could be your year to outdo everyone that you know and inspire them to pick up your game. This could be the year that all of your family and friends comment on the special effort that you made, and thank you for hosting a truly wonderful and memorable Christmas.

But even if you are spending Christmas with only a few small people, and you don’t want to create a fuss, you can still convey the impression that you have made a lot of effort, and that you value your lavish Christmas decorations.

Supersize your decorations

Think big, bold and wonderful. If you want to attract attention this Christmas, then go large. There are a range of Christmas decorations that are large in size and simply can’t be missed. If you want to go to great lengths to make people happy, then choose items that provide a gigantic appearance in your home, or in your front yard.

If you don’t want to have lots of decorations, then choose a supersized decoration as your centrepiece. Can you imagine a gigantic blow-up snowman in your front yard, a massive Christmas tree in the centre or your home, or an electric motif that lights up your home and your nights.

Introduce Christmas decorations into your home, that are just too hard to ignore. If you want to stand out in a crowd, choose large and impressive features that show that you value the Christmas season and that you plan to have a good time.

Also, if you want to compete with your neighbours, it is hard to beat effort in size. Forget millions of lights, just introduce a statue or large Christmas feature that instantly lights the whole street up. If you want to make a lavish impression, then go up in size.

Bring in the Bling

You might not be able to afford Christmas decorations that are made with real diamonds, but you can create the illusion using glass baubles, electric lights, and pretty little shining stars. If you want to be bright and bold, and stand out in a crowd, then choose items that will brighten up your light.

The great thing about glitter and gold is that they are easy to find, and they look elaborate and expensive – but they don’t have to be. Enjoy this Christmas feeling like royalty, with your choice of lavish Christmas decorations that shimmer and shine.

Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise!

High fashion is all about accessories, so bring them into your Christmas day. Accessories can include your own personal Christmas accessories, including jewery, clothing, hats, bags and costumes. Decorate yourself and your family in lavish Christmas gear, and you’ll be noticeable everywhere you go.

You can also add accessories to the dinner table, in the form of table wear, plates, napkins, bon-bons and centrepieces. Make your feast not only about the food, but the decorations and great company from friends, family and valued guests.


If you want a grand visual effect from you decorations, consider repetition. This means that instead of buying a few decorations that are the same, you buy a large number. Why restrict yourself to a few baubles on a tree, when you can cover the branches from top to bottom? Why decorate your home in one string of lights, when you can have them cascading down the walls.

Don’t hold back this Christmas. Make this the season to remember, and use the new decorations that you acquire for all of the new Christmases that you will celebrate in the future.

DAYS Til Santa!

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