Top Ten Christmas Decorations Tips for Your Office

Christmas decorations are not just for your home. Every year many offices and workplaces celebrate the end of the year and the festive season with their own decorations. There are many positive outcomes for this, including greater productivity and happiness from employees, and also happiness from clients and customers who come into your office space.

When you decorate your office, you are showing that you are a fun business to work for, and that you appreciate the work that all of your employees and co-workers have done throughout the year. You are showing that you are not only about being serious, but about fun and happy too.

There are many different ways to decorate your office, but one of the best ideas is to involve all of the people who work there, not only in placing the decorations, but in choosing them too. Take a break from work for a while, and let everyone relax, while they decorate the space they work in, in a positive and festive way. With everyone helping you will be back to work in no time, and everyone will have smiles on their faces.

We’ve made a list of the top ten Christmas decorative tips for your office, so that you’ll know how to do it right. Remember though, that you can generate your own ideas, and ask the office workers who are in the same space as you. With everyone’s help and ideas, you will have a positive and collaborative effort.

Involve all of the workers in your office, in the decorating process.

If everyone is involved, then everyone feels the joy and spirit of Christmas. Mark off a few hours on your work calendar, when everyone can take a break and join in the decoration process. Make it a festive event, with lollies, drinks and edible treats to get everyone into the spirit of the season.

Allow workers to decorate their own desks. Have a best decorated competition.

When you allow workers personal expression, then they feel more positive in their working environment. Each worker will choose different decorations, depending on their personal interests. Some might include photographs of family or children, some might be conservative in their decorative choices, and some might even be wild and crazy with their efforts. The most important thing is that everyone has fun.

Allow workers to wear Christmas-themed clothing, costumes and accessories.

There is a wide range of Christmas-themed clothing. You could purchase items for each of your office workers, or let them choose their own. There are many different ways to have fun this Christmas, even when you do have to be at work.

Place a grand and impressive artificial tree in your foyer.

An office is not just about the employees who work there, it is also about the clients and customers who are loyal to your business. Placing an impressive artificial tree in your foyer, will put everyone in a good mood when they come into the building, and they will love the festive vibe that you have created in your workplace.

Drape your walls with tinsel.

Tinsel is easy to tape or hang from walls and other structural features. It is inexpensive and colourful, and if you choose to use it in your office this year then you will instantly notice the sparkly and vibrant change. There is no reason to have a dull, serious and corporate office, especially at Christmas time. Fix the dull mood with tinsel.

Shine bright with fairy lights.

Fairy lights are instant magic, and they evoke feelings of innocence and childhood. It is very difficult not to appreciate the joy of fairy lights, or rope lights, at any time of year. If you place them in your office this Christmas, you will love them so much you’ll want to keep them up all year long.

Place a wreath on your front door.

Just like having a tree in your foyer, a wreath on your front door signifies that you are ready for the Christmas season. Wreaths are regal but there are many types and designs to choose from. Choose one that matches the rest of your decorative theme, and you’ll be glad you did.

Coordinate your colours.

Coordinating colours will keep your decorations stylish, and you’ll look like you are competent in interior design. Simplicity can be the best strategy, so pick a few colours you like, and stick to them.

Hold a Christmas feast and or party.

With a well decorated office, you won’t need to go out for a Christmas party. Move the furniture around and have your party in your office. There are many casual ways to enjoy a party or even a feast, and everyone can relax and enjoy the end of the year.

Organise a secret Santa.

A tree looks great, but it looks even better with gifts underneath it. A secret santa means that each employee buys a small gift for another employee. They only need to buy one gift each, but the tree will look great with them underneath.

DAYS Til Santa!

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