Small Christmas Decorations to Give to Your Holiday Guests

As much as we love giving and sharing, buying Christmas gifts can be a hassle. There are always so many people to purchase for, and people who we have no idea what to give. Christmas shouldn’t be stressful, and if possible you should reduce your last minute Christmas gifts, and avoid the embarrassment of forgetting someone, so why not consider giving Christmas decorations as gifts?

The great thing about giving Christmas decorations as gifts, is that anyone can appreciate them, and they will be used again and again, year after year. They are the perfect present for people you don’t know what to buy for, and they are suitable work colleagues, neighbours, friends and family members. Even young children love Christmas decorations that they can call their own, and hang in their room where it is special to them.

Christmas decorations also don’t need to be big. They are affordable, can be mailed through the post and they can also be used to attach to a larger Christmas gift. Decorations fit well in stockings, and they are useful to keep around, as a last minute present for people that you forgot to purchase for, or guests that turn up unexpectedly.

When you choose a Christmas gift that is a decoration, choose one that is fancy, fun and very special. You might like to choose one that is very unique, or one that is classy and elegant. A Christmas decoration can be used again and again every year, which is the fabulous thing about it. And every year, when they get it out of their box, and hang it on their tree, they will be delighted to remember that you were the one to give it to them.

If you are attending a work or community Christmas party, and you have a secret santa gift to purchase, why not choose a Christmas decoration. Secret santa gifts often need to be small an inexpensive, and you might not know the person well. So choose them a Christmas decoration that they can hang on their tree, and they will be happy that they have something fun and practical to use.

Here is a top ten list, of small Christmas Decorations to give your holiday guests. You can purchase them all the same, and give everyone the same one, or choose different ones to suit the taste of individual people. Don’t forget that you can purchase a few extras, as additional treats, or as gifts for people that you’ve forgotten about.


Bells are beautiful, and if you choose one that clangs and chimes then all children will love playing with it. Bells don’t just need to be for decorative purposes. They can also brighten up the mood with their chiming.

Stars for the tree

Everyone needs a star for their tree, but if they already have one it can be used in many different places. Choose a wonderful star that shines bright. It may or may not be electric.

Tiny angels

A tiny angel will bring joy to anyone’s life, including young children. This would be the perfect gift for a little baby, who can appreciate the angel hanging in their room. It can even stay up throughout the year, after Christmas is over.

Mini Christmas trees

A mini Christmas tree and sit on a desk at work or a bench at home. They also make great centrepieces for the table. If you know of someone who doesn’t have a tree of their own, give them a mini version so they aren’t left out.

Elegant baubles

Baubles can hang anywhere, but they are great on trees. Choose from a diverse range of colours and styles, and pick the one that you believe suits the recipient best.


Candles are practical and they can be used throughout the year, after Christmas is over. Choose Christmas colours, like red, gold, green and silver for extra charm.

A reindeer

Reindeers, or reindeer-themed decorations are fun and friendly and are suitable for anyone, especially children. You’ll put a smile on their faces with a gift like this.

Santa Clause

A Santa Clause themed gift is great. This jolly fellow will cheer anyone up, and there are many to choose from. This is not just a gift for the kids. Adults love him too!

A traditional Christian gift

Traditional Christian gifts are perfect at this time of year, as they will bring the real meaning of Christmas back, and you might find this is the best choice for your recipient. There are many beautiful kinds to choose from.

Christmas lights

A box of Christmas lights won’t be tiny, but it will certainly please your recipient. Nobody can have too many lights, and when they turn them on, they will remember it is you that lit up their life.

DAYS Til Santa!

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