Hanging Christmas Decorations Inside and Outside Your Home

There are many different ways to hang Christmas decorations inside and outside of your home. There are also many different types of Christmas decorations to choose from, and all of them need to be hung in different ways. Some decorations are small and require a tiny hook, others are heavy and need a sturdy fixture to hold them up. Some decorations are light and flexible, like tinsel, and these can be fixed with sticky tap or another adhesive fixture. Other decorations are specialist, like stars on the top of Christmas trees. You will have lots of different decorations to hang, and we have gathered our top tips together, for hanging them inside and outside of your home.

We decorate our houses every Christmas to bring joy and cheer into your lives, and also the lives of the guests that we invite to join us during the holiday seasons. Decorating the home can be a fun experience for adults and children, and the end result should be one that everyone is proud off. Many people like to show off their home during the Christmas season, and they put in a lot of effort to ensure everything is perfect. Some families even join in street presentations, to compete with other people for the best house on the block.

Decorating means that we are ready for holidays, ready to let our hair down, and ready to relax. When you decorate your home, you are telling yourself and everyone around you that Christmas time is here and you are ready to celebrate. Your decorations could reflect your personality and your attitude to the season, whether you have traditional Christian beliefs, or if you really just want a holiday and a good time.

Create a plan

When you decorate your home, either inside and out, first start with the decorations that you have already. Build on these, with new decorations being added into your collection, and create a plan on how you will decorate the home. You might choose a theme, like reindeers, stars or bells. Your theme might be a colour scheme, like red and gold, or silver and blue. There are many ways to decorate your home, but start with a plan, based on the decorations you have already, and the new ones you want to purchase for the coming season.

Involve everyone in your family
Decorating the home at Christmas time should be an event that is enjoyed by the entire family. Make an event of it, and invite everyone to help you. Young children will enjoy unpacking the boxes and placing the decorations with care, so ensure that you invite them to enjoy you in the seasonal and fun experience.  Carefull with the little ones who like to put everything in their mouth!

Use appropriate hanging methods
When you hang a Christmas decoration, you will need to select the right method for hanging it and use an appropriate device. Consider your range of options, including hooks, masking tape, and even ties. Consider the decorations that you have, and decide on the best way to hang each of them.

Use features in your home for hanging
You won’t always need a hook to hang a Christmas decoration. In most homes there are many different places to hang Christmas decorations already, so you can use these and spread the decorations around your home. Door knobs look great when they have little trinkets hanging off them, benches and tables can be used for free standing decorations, picture rails can hang lights and tinsel, and windows and doors may have features that you can also use.

Outdoors there are many different places that will hold and support Christmas decorations, including gutters, window and door frames, rails and posts. Even if you need to add a bit more support, start with the structures and features that you already have.

Be safe in your decorating
If you need to reach high places, then make sure you are using a sturdy and safe method of reaching them. Avoid standing on chairs or tables as these might wobble and break. A good step ladder will be useful for those hard to reach places, but ensure that you follow the instructions correctly.

Be especially careful when you are hanging items outside, because you may need a very tall ladder. Young children should be educated about the safety of the ladder, and they will physically need to keep a good distance away from it.

Most importantly, the best thing that you can do during Christmas time, when you are decorating inside or outside of your home, is stay safe and have fun. If everyone has a good time doing it, and are proud of the results, then you are already on your way to enjoying a very merry Christmas.

DAYS Til Santa!