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A Pet for Christmas? Pets are forever!

With the 2015 Christmas coming ever closer many parents are already wondering just what to put under the tree for the kids. Kids look forward to Christmas all year and whilst it's not all about the presents under the tree...gee...for kids... it's sure a big part of the the day. In our home at Christmas, we stretch the opening out [...]

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Find Suburban Christmas Lights at

What Christmas would be complete with a drive around the neighbourhood to visit the houses that have gone to town with their Christmas light decorating? It’s one of the few times neighbours and strangers come together simply for the pleasure of enjoying some good clean on honest celebratory fun. To help you find your way […]

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An Artificial or real Christmas Tree – which to Choose?

As Christmas approaches families are left with the decision whether to get an artificial Christmas Tree, or to go with a freshly cut one. Artificial Christmas Trees (we prefer to call the “life like” Christmas trees. Artificial – the word always seems to have such a negative overtone. Artificial sweeteners, artificial colouring….There is nothing artificial […]

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Where to String Up Your Light Rope Christmas Decorations?

Christmas decorations bring happiness and cheer to every home, and it is a joy for both adults and children to unpack them from storage of every year, and hang them around the home. One of the most exciting and interesting decorations that you can choose is light rope Christmas decorations. There are many different types […]

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What Factors Determine Quality Christmas Decorations?

There are many different types of Christmas decorations to choose from, and they can be acquired from many different places, but if you choose quality decorations these will not only enhance your home – they will be valued by your family and last for many Christmas seasons to come. Why should you purchase decorations that will [...]

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