Individual Tree Decorations

The Christmas tree is the pivotal part of the festive celebrations – it sits in the corner of your room or hallway, the presents go beneath it, the lights twinkle gently in the dark, wintry evenings. So it’s of the utmost importance that you have tree decorations that reflect your taste! Whether you decorate your tree with huge Christmas baubles, or large fiber optic Christmas trees are more your taste, there is something for you out there. If you so choose, you could also go for a Christmas tree made of baubles to save having to think about tree decorations at all! The possibilities are endless.

Colour Theme
If you have smaller children, you may like to go for tree decorations with lots of bright colours and lots of lights. However, you may prefer a more minimalist look and go for one particular colour such as gold or red with which to decorate your tree. There are baubles available in a variety of colours and styles – you could choose snowflake baubles with other white tree decorations for a particularly snowy theme (the only snow you’ll get in most parts of Australia in December!) or maybe stick with some gold decorations and plenty of neutrally coloured fairy lights to finish it off.

Real or Fake?
The big debate roars on – should you have a real or fake tree? You may like fiber optic Christmas trees, if so there are plenty of choices available. Maybe you don’t like fiber optic Christmas trees, in which case you can choose a Christmas tree made of baubles in its entirety. Alternatively, you might like a real pine tree, complete with authentic smell and strong branches to hold up huge Christmas baubles and other tree decorations! You also need to decide on a topping for your tree – the most traditional choices are angels and stars, but the variety of materials these decorations are available in now is endless, including ones that light up!