Tinsel is  super way to add sparkle to your Christmas decorating.  A Christmas tree without tinsel is like a fish without a sea.  We have many types of tinsel to choose from, different thickness, different colours… even combination colours.

Tinsel is not just for the tree, you can use it to decorate windows and rooms.  Being lightweight it is easy to strong from corner to corner of rooms to enhance the festiveness of your Christmas.

Modern tinsel is far more durable  than tinsel of days gone by.  Once upon a time tinsel was made from anodized aluminium which though beautiful at first, soon was stripped of its colour and shine as the aluminium oxodised and the anodised colours were rubbed off.  These days tinsel it is colour fast and more difficult to damage with PVC the most often used ingredient so a Christmas Kingdom tinsel purchase will keep you in bright, sparkly tinsel  tinsel for years to come.