Green 8mm Bead Garland 4.5m

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You will have 5-metres of gorgeous, rich 8mm Bead Garland with this single spool of shimmering, metallic beading. This is something that could find its place in your home decor any time of the year- and would be particularly useful and stunning during the festive holiday season. This is the easiest way to add some glamour and shine to your holiday accents; try draping this lengthy beaded garland around your decorated tree, a simple wreath, or suspend it over railings and banisters in the home. This rich green garland is lovely, and will bring a gem-like appeal to your home during the holidays- or any time that you want to bring some class and swagger to your home’s themes. This is also a great trim to use when accenting your outdoor spaces, or if LED lights are simply not an option. Try draping this around your hedges or fencing, or pile these beads high on a metallic plate to create an effortless and modern centrepiece for the porch or patio. Add a few glass baubles and it will look like a platter of precious jewels!

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