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Add this Christmas Tree Motif to your exterior lighting motif and your house will be sure to stand out this year. This yellow, red, blue, and green rope light frame tree is covered in green tinsel to give texture and interest to the tree. Atop the tree sits a flashing gold star, that comes with a controller. It is made up of three wire rope chasings, complete with eight functions it can be set on. The tree easily folds up for storage at the end of the year. It measures 300cm x 150cm (H x L). This tree is not only gorgeous looking but is also huge, making it a stand-out piece. Perhaps you don’t have any other Christmas lighting used on the house and with this there is no need, as it can do the job on its own. 

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Weight 44.09 kg
Dimensions 157 × 7 × 157 cm


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