Glitter Glass Card Holders

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The best bargain of the holiday season might just be these Glitter glass card holders. Each 25cm wide package contains six high-quality card holders, each measuring approximately 6cm tall. These are an economical value because you may break-down each package to create six clever, useful gifts for the holiday, or you may find these invaluable in your own home during holiday parties and entertaining. There are three traditional Christmas colours found in each package, including glowing gold, rich evergreen, and ruby red. The design of each bauble-shaped card holder is accented with a twirl of coordinating glitter for sparkle and pizzazz. Consider placing a family photo in the secure fixture on top, or use as a clever giveaway at your next party. These are items with so many uses- giving them to a wide range of recipients is possible. Add a recipe card to the fixture and fill in with your favourite dish and give to a culinary enthusiast or home-cook. These really are versatile gift solutions this holiday season!

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