Gold Ombre Metallic Ribbon 9m

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Gorgeous is the word that comes to mind when you see this Gold Ombre Metallic Ribbon. The unique textured facade of this ribbon is around 7cm wide, and the roll contains approximately 9-metres of this stunning ribbon. Use this unique trim for all of your holiday projects when you want to add some colour, vintage style, and a clever accent that is easy to use. The wire edge gives buyers an advantage when it comes to creating their own holiday deecor and accents. It helps to hold the trims in place and maintain their beauty and integrity, without sagging or drooping. This would be a wonderful accent to use when you want to give items a vintage, slightly weathered look that resembles antique or traditional decor or furnishings. This could jazz up a simple, inexpensive wreath and give it a timeless look that is beautiful in its simplicity. Enjoy wrapping this around your Christmas tree after you have added lights and decorations to give it a polished finish that will awe visitors and guests!

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