Gold Rattan Star – 36cm

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This lovely, earthy Gold Rattan Star measures approximately 36cm in height, and is the ideal size to use for both indoor and outdoor displays. This star easily hangs via a small metallic loop near the top, and the lightweight feature of the natural rattan make it suitable for any spot. Hang over your nativity scenes, to bring that symbolic touch that guides the entire display. This would also be appropriate and lovely over a mantle during the holidays. Hang these inexpensive stars under the eaves, near the pitches of your home’s roof for a clever touch that will be protected from the elements. These stars are also great gifts to share with others. They may choose to use them for their Christmas decor, or they may find dozens of other ways to implement them into their home’s decor year round.

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Weight 1.76 kg
Dimensions 38 × 3 × 36 cm


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