Green Maxi Tinsel 20cm 4ply 2.5m

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Add some fullness to your holiday tree or wreath with this lush 4-ply green Maxi Tinsel, in 2.5 metre length. This tinsel will fill in and give tree branches a fuller, more thick appearance. The vibrant green colour is ideal for green trees, wreaths, and displays, but would also make a stunning contrast when used on a white or red surface, as well. This would also be a fine accent to trim windows, doors, and other areas of the home with- and tinsel garland provides the perfect implement to adorn both indoor and outdoor spaces. Use this beautiful green tinsel garland to give your entire home a cohesive holiday look, that will inspire and delight all who see it! You may also choose to pair this green maxi tinsel with another quality tinsel garland offered and sold separately. Try the gold maxi tinsel and twist the two colours together to create a great accent for draping over your mantle or around your railings and banisters. Stunning!

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