Jumbo Stocking 120 x 60cm


Jumbo Stocking in Santa red and white measures
120cmLong and is 60cm wide. Santa may find it challenging to fill this Christmas. This Stocking will make the eyes of that someone bulge in excitement. Remember the famous saying ? The bigger, the better they always said, well now hang a set of Jumbo Stockings on the mantel and get ready for Christmas morning.

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Our Jumbo Stocking in classic red and white is 120 x 60cm so Santa will have no trouble fitting all of those extra goodies in this season. These Stockings will be a hit with little (and big) kids alike. If you’re sick of trying to stuff those extra little fillers you just couldn’t resist into a stocking that is far too small grab one of these big boys and you’ll have more than enough room. Hang a set of Jumbo Stockings on the mantel or the end of the bed and get ready to reap the bounty on Christmas morning.

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