Jumping Deer Ornament

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There are few sights as lovely and graceful as a deer when they jump off into the woods, and this is captured eloquently with this pair of Jumping Deer Ornaments. Cast in a lovely silver-tone material, each sweet deer measures around 10cm wide by 17cm in height. This deer duo would be an excellent addition to your Christmas tree, and would also be a stunning bauble to add to a holiday wreath. The glossy shine of the silver deer will capture light and sparkle under the bulbs of your tree or other decor. Tie these stunning ornaments to a gift for a little something extra that will be admired and appreciated. This might be the perfect solution to those gift exchanges when you need to give something that will be appropriate for a wide range of individuals, but on a strict buying budget. Everyone loves Christmas and something new and unique to display in their own home decor, and these little deer are perfect!

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Weight 0.0400 kg
Dimensions 12.0000 × 2.5000 × 13.0000 cm
Bauble Size Cm

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