Peacock Feathers

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Jazz up a floral arrangement, table centrepiece, or any display in the home with this amazing Peacock Feathers. These beautiful, delicate feathers measure approximately 6cm wide at the widest point, and an impressive 93cm in height. Rich tones of brown, black, yellow, blue, green- all intermingle to create the recognizable モeyeヤ of each feather, and bring a colourful touch to the areas of your home. These look stunning when tucked in the boughs of a Christmas tree giving it a unique, vintage flair that captures the colours and intrigue of the season. These are also a fitting accompaniment to a simple bowl of baubles or fruit- tuck them around the items and you have an interesting and low-cost centrepiece that is suitable for entertaining and parties. These are simple beautiful feathers with so many uses- be sure to stock up for year-round projects!

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