Pearl Silver Snowflake Mobile

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The Pearl Silver Snowflake Mobile is a great go-to decorating accent that is super-easy to hang and display, and that is perfect for impromptu party or entertaining decor. Each of these silvery mobiles measure around 20cm tall, and features gradual sizes of metallic foil snowflakes. These snowflakes will glisten and sparkle in the light and can instantly transform any space into a holiday-ready venue. Each layer of snowflakes are secured to silver cord and there is a convenient hanger at the top so you can quickly suspend it from any doorway, window, or spot in the home that needs a bit of holiday flair and shimmering shine! Give these to friends or teachers for holiday parties at work, in offices, or classrooms, where it might be challenging to decorate as elaborately as one might like. These are simple to use and even easier to store when done for use later on.

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