Red/Gold Glass Card Holders

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There are six different designs offered in this Red & Gold Glass Card Holder set, and that means that you can mix, match, give, and keep any or all of these delightful accents! Each item resembles a vintage holiday ornament, beautiful, glittery, and made from glass. The champagne colour is complemented by the addition of beautiful gold glittered detailing, while the red layer present as a striking sight with the contrast of metallic gold accents. These are so useful in many different ways; for example, use them for dinners or parties, to show guests where to sit at your table. Or, you may want to give one to each attendee at your annual holiday party as a cherished party favour that will be treasured for years to come. Better yet, give one to each of several friends or family members for a low-cost gift that will be appreciated and enjoyed either for a photo holder or a keepsake of the event. Whatever you do with these stunning glass holders, you will not be disappointed by their looks, quality, or utility!

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