Sil/gol Onion 7.5cm 6pk

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If you have a hard time choosing between silver or gold colour themes, why not mix the two with these beautiful Silver & Gold Onions. Each onion merges the two hottest holiday colours- silver and gold- to create Christmas Decorations that are as gorgeous as any precious jewel. The pairing of glittering gold and chrome-like silver make a captivating sight to behold, and that will dazzle when you use them on your Christmas tree, holiday wreath, or in your front windows. These are shatterproof which makes them safe for little hands to help out with, minus the fear of breakage or injury. Tie one of these elegant onions to a wrapped gift for a clever and sophisticated alternative to a conventional bow. Others will admire and delight in the sparkle and sheen of these unique ornaments when they see them in your home, or when they receive them as a thoughtful gift during the holiday season!

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