A Pet for Christmas? Pets are forever!

With the 2015 Christmas coming ever closer many parents are already wondering just what to put under the tree for the kids. Kids look forward to Christmas all year and whilst it’s not all about the presents under the tree…gee…for kids… it’s sure a big part of the the day.

In our home at Christmas, we stretch the opening out by having the smaller children find a present for everyone from under the Christmas Tree, and everyone must sing a song or recite a poem before opening their present.

You’d be surprised how the biggest humbugs of all find their voice when they realise it’s perform or no presents.

And oh how the presents have changed.  I remember the squeals of excitement from my younger brother after he unwrapped a FIFA soccer ball and portable backyards goals… now I’d expect FIFA football game for a PlayStation or Xbox would be more popular…

One thing is no game…. and that’s deciding on whether a pet is going to be the right present for a child this Christmas.  Pets are for life.  Puppies become dogs, kittens become cats and parrots?  Well… they can live longer than people!  A pet for Christmas can be an awesome present but think long and hard about whether you will be able to care for the pet long term.  January is the busiest time of the year for animal shelters as they are flooded with unwanted Christmas Pets.

If you are considering a pet for a present for someone this Christmas… why not consider one from an animal rescue?

This year Christmas Kingdom is sponsoring over 20 animal rescues around Australia to help with the cost of caring for abandoned pets.  Here is but a few of them.







If you are interested in helping out a pet Rescue there are  many listed here https://www.petrescue.com.au/ to choose from and most will be grateful for some assistance especially around Christmas.

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DAYS Til Santa!