The wooden Nutcracker is a traditional symbol of Christmas and has now become somewhat of a collector’s obsession as you can find Nutcrackers of all shapes, sizes and themes nowadays. Nutcrackers delight old and young alike, making for excellent gifts as well. You’ll find them hanging on Christmas trees, sitting atop fireplace mantles, lining staircases and even acting as table decorations.

Originally Nutcrackers were meant to bring good luck and protection and people gave them as gifts. You’ll notice many Nutcrackers are baring their teeth, almost growling, which was meant to scare away evil spirits and danger. When reading the legend of Nutcrackers, they are said to represent power and strength. They were believed to have started in the German mining town of Seiffen.

These peculiar looking statues have been the muse of many composers, writers and artists. Arguably one of the most popular ballets even today is Tchaikovsky’s “Nutcracker Suite”. It debuted in 1892 in St. Petersburg and continues its popularity even today, over 100 years later.

Christmas Kingdom has both traditional and more modern Nutcrackers available. For the true collectors, the 112cm one in green and gold tones and 60cm one in green and red tones ones aren’t to be missed! With their imposing size, bared teeth, and beautiful bright colours, these are perfect additions to a collection.

The mini Nutcrackers are ideal to add in bunches or alone. For a fun conversational piece, the assorted Hanging Nutcrackers have a piece of string, which once pulled, makes the Nutcracker’s arms and legs move up and down. There is a variety available including a Pinocchio type character and a soldier, which comes in a number of colours. Even the jovial King Mouse Nutcracker is available, complete with sword in hand and dressed in a gold suit. His chest hair moves up and down to place the nut in.