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#19 Five House Village set 24pcs b/o
#30 Winter Skating Village anim/music
#3 Christmas Village foptic/anim
#351 Lantern Village Bridge
#303 Lit Snowy Pine med b/o 3V
#402 Street Lanterns with Bows 15cm s/4 bop
#12 Carousel anim/music
#401 Old English Street Lanterns s/2 bop
#506 Santa Figurines s/3
#365 Moss Display Mat 122*75cm
#362 Green Grass Display Mat 122*122cm
#376 Snow Mountain Base 6 Houses
#405 White Spotlight s/2 bop 4.5v
#404 Potted Lanterns s/4 bop
#403 Street Lanterns with Wreaths 18cm s/4 bop
#62 Santas Factory Tree Sale bop
#32 Kiddie Playground anim/music bop
#6 Town Square Ferris Wheel anim/music
#26 Town Centre Merry Go Around amin/music
#41 Flying Chairs Mini anim/music bop
#27 Train Scene Anim/Busic bop
#31 The Gifts Factory anim/music
#24 Christmas Mountain Village anim/music
#37 Red Scene bauble anim/music/bop


Christmas Villages have graced the sideboards and bookshelves of our homes for many years.  What started out as a collection of small lighted houses has grown to an elaborate selection to make up a village to be viewed in awe

Lemax was founded in 1990 and started out with a small collection of lighted houses. Since then, the company has expanded to include a huge collection of figurines, accessories, and houses in many themes and categories. Collectors from all over the world have added Lemax pieces to their existing display villages, or have created entire villages consisting of just Lemax pieces. Many of the company’s products are of the same scale as other villages made by other companies, such as Department 56; this way, you can mix and match your villages for a more unique display as it suits you.

There’s something for everyone in our Lemax collection; whether you want to casually decorate for the holidays with simple table pieces, or build an elaborate village to display at Christmas, Halloween, or year-round! The pieces are high-quality and are affordable for new collectors. The detail that goes into these pieces is astounding. You won’t believe your eyes when you see some of their pieces. In particular, the lighted houses of Caddington Village will take your breath away with their Victorian beauty.

Here at Christmas Kingdom, we carry Village trees, table accents, light systems, accessories, landscape materials, figurines, facades, display material, and adaptors.  You can buy lighted buildings and Sights and Sounds pieces here too!

Whether you’re looking to add to or build a collection, or to find a special gift for a loved one, you’re sure to find it within our Village  collection. Take a tour through all of our pieces and try to just pick one; you’ll fall in love with each charming piece in our miniature worlds. The problem won’t be finding something you want, it will be choosing from among our hundreds of pieces.

DAYS Til Santa!