Frequently Asked Questions


General Christmas


Are there penguins at the North Pole?

Penguins are native to the Southern Hemisphere and many live in the Antarctic. However they might be there on holidays visiting Santa and the Elves.

How can I make my Christmas gift wrapping special?

Would you like your gifts to stand out? Why not theme them to match the colours of your tree, or embellish them with florals or ornaments.

How can I make reindeer food?

Here is the recipe for traditional reindeer food:
• 1 cup oatmeal
• 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
• 1/4 cup red glitter (can be substituted for coloured sugar crystals)

1. Combine all ingredients in a resealable plastic bag.
2. Seal the bag and shake until well mixed.
3. When it’s dark on Christmas eve, sprinkle the magic food on your front lawn to help Santa and his reindeer find your house.
4. Makes just enough for all of Santa’s reindeer!

How will Santa deliver my presents if I don’t have a chimney?

If you don’t have a chimney, hang a Santa’s Magical Key put link to product here on your front door knob. Santa will then be able to open the front door and deliver your presents.

What do reindeer hoof prints look like?

Reindeer hooves are cloven, meaning instead of one hoof like a horse, they have two on each leg split down the middle.  They also have two dew claws, but these don’t touch the ground and leave a hoof mark

What food should I leave out for Santa?

Santa likes milk and cookies, and the occasional ale.

What is Secret Santa / Kris Kringle?

Secret Santa, also called Kris Kringle or KK, is the anonymous giving of a gift to a randomly assigned person in a group. It is popular in work places, schools and large families. It is a great way to ensure that everyone within the group receives a gift. There is usually a maximum price set for the gifts.

Why do we have nutcrackers at Christmas time?

In 1816 E.T.A. Hoffmann wrote the story of The Nutcracker and the Mouse Prince. The story takes place on Christmas Eve with young Marie Stahlbaum’s favourite Christmas toy, the nutcracker comes alive, defeats the evil Mouse King and takes her away to a magical kingdom populated by dolls. In 1819 the story of The Nutcracker and the Mouse Prince was adapted into a ballet called The Nutcracker, with music by Tchaikovsky. The ballet is now preformed regularly at Christmas throughout the world.

Garlands & Wreaths


How can I make the old-fashioned chain garland?

How can I personalise a Christmas wreath for my family?

Although beautiful a premade wreath might not match your decor or family, so sometimes alterations are needed to personalise them. Adding a few special small toys that belong to your children or adding bows in a colour that complement your décor are easy ways to personalise wreaths.

How do I attach garland to my banister?

The most attractive method of attaching garland to a banister is using ribbon. Tie a multi loop bow, then add an extra set of tails to the bow that are longer than the normal tails. Attach the bow to the garland at each point that is the top of the swag, use the extra tail to tie around the banister.insert bow tying video link here

How do I hang a garland on my mantle?

Garlands can either be run across the top of a mantle or hung in front. If you are hanging it in front of the mantle it will need to be secured using hooks that will be covered by the garland, use removable self-adhesive hooks.

How do I hang a wreath?

Christmas wreath can be hung using either a Christmas wreath hook. insert link to product here Or by attaching a small hook to the inside of your door and running a ribbon over the top and looping through the wreath. Use a ribbon in a colour that complements your wreath inset link to ribbons here

How do I know how much garland to buy top decorate my banister?

Garland can be displayed on a banister in 3 ways.

1. Swagged down the side.
Measure the length of your banister and times by 1.5, if your banister is 5 metres you will need 7.5metres of garland.

2. Wrap around the banister.
Measure the length of your banister and times by 2, if your banister is 5 meters long you will need

3. On top of the banister.
Measure the length of the banister and allow for the drop of the lead post.

How much beaded garland or tinsel do I need to go around my tree?
Tree Height Baubles Accents Beaded Garland or Tinsel
6ft          180cm     100 25 9mts
7ft          210cm 125 40 12mts
7.5ft       225cm 150 50 18mts
8ft          240cm 200 60 22mts
9ft          270cm 250 75 26mts
10ft        300cm 300 90 30mts

Accents can be a mixture of bow, birds, flowers and picks

What is the difference between a garland and a drop garland?

A garland traditionally is the same width over the entire length.  A drop garland is thicker in the centre and thinner towards the ends.


All Things Christmas Trees


Can I add decorations to a fibre optic tree?

A fibre optic tree differs from a traditional artificial tree in that it has light filaments running through the branches and not wire rods.  The filaments that run the light through a fibre optic tree are very similar to fishing wire and extremely tough. The tree can be decorated using glass or shatterproof baubles without a problem.

How do I assemble my Christmas tree?

Christmas trees usually break down into three pieces. Set up your stand and inset the base piece of your tree. This is usually easy to identify as the metal rod will taper to a point. Tighten the screws on the base ( be sure to tighten all three the same amount or you will have a leaning tree). Then slip the middle section onto the base section and finally add the tree top.

How many baubles do I need on my tree?
Tree Height Baubles Accents Beaded Garland or Tinsel
6ft          180cm     100 25 9mts
7ft          210cm 125 40 12mts
7.5ft       225cm 150 50 18mts
8ft          240cm 200 60 22mts
9ft          270cm 250 75 26mts
10ft        300cm 300 90 30mts

Accents can be a mixture of bow, birds, flowers and picks

How many colours should I mix on my Christmas tree?

The correct way to decorate a Christmas tree can be very subjective and a matter of personal taste. A theme works very well, and this is created by repetition, as in two colours predominantly on the tree with subtle highlights of other colours.

How many lights do I need for my Christmas tree?

The general rule of thumb is 100 lights per foot of tree, a 7ft tree would need 700 lights.

How tall a Christmas tree should I buy?

When purchasing a Christmas tree the height is very important. If the top of your tree is touching the ceiling you will create an impression of a very low ceiling. Always allow 30cm between the top of the tree you select and the ceiling to allow room for your tree topper to ensure a good fit. Link to trees

I’m on a tight budget, how can I create an amazing Christmas tree?

Use solid colour baubles that are available in bulk tubs and are relatively inexpensive to fill or bulk up your tree. This will allow you to splurge on some  pick and spray.


I’ve fallen in love with a large Christmas tree but I don’t think it will fit, what can I do?

The tree is beautiful but too wide at the bottom? If the tree is going into a corner or against a solid wall, push the bottom limbs upwards and secure to truck with garden wire. This will allow you to push the tree in closer to the wall or corner.

Should I have the lights on my Christmas tree flashing or steady on?

Lights on or off is a personal choice, however if your have six or seven hundred lights flashing at once it may be a little over the top.

If you are decorating your tree using multiple sets, say 3 sets of 200 lights, use the first set to cover the bottom of the tree, the second set to cover the top and have these two sets on steady. Then lay the third set of lights so that its scatters over the entire tree, have this set flashing.

Alternatively you can use the popular twinkle lights as the base lighting for you tree and have this on steady, and then lay a set of feature lights over the top, put a link to pinecone lights here and have these lights flashing.

Should I put a star or angel on top of my tree?

Tree top stars are slightly more popular than tree top Angels as tree toppers. However it is a personal choice. The Christmas Angel is placed upon the tree to symbolize the angels who appeared above Bethlehem to announce the birth of Jesus. The Tree top star represents the bright star that appeared in the night sky to lead the 3 wise men to Jesus.

Should I use incandescent or LED lights on my Christmas Tree?

Both LED and incandescent lights are suitable to use on your Christmas tree. The LED lights are becoming a more popular choice of decorators. Some of the benefits associated with LED lights include: Low Voltage, always run cool, and longer running life.

There is no power point where I want to put my Christmas Tree, how can I light it up?

Christmas lights are now available as a battery operated item.  They even have an in-built timer.  You can use them to light up a Christmas Wreath on your front door as well!

What are the benefits to an artificial Christmas tree?

Purchase a good quality artificial Christmas tree and you will make a sound investment in the decorating and memories for your family for many years to come. When you look after a good quality tree you should expect at least 10year of use. The tree will maintain its lush green colour for the Christmas season, will not shed needles and spiders nor should it cause allergies. And there is no need to find a means of disposal at the end of the season.

What colour lights should I put on my Christmas tree?

The colour lights you use should complements the colours with which you are decorating your tree. Warm colours like red and gold will be enhanced by using warm white light. Cool colours like blue, silver and white should be matched to a pure or cool white light. If you are decorating in multicolours, then multicolour lights will add to the kaleidoscope of fun.

What so good about prelit Christmas trees?

A Prelit Christmas tree will have the lights pre-strung on the branches of the tree. Each light section will clip into each other and then into the power point. The time taken to wrap lights around the tree and then untangle them at the end of the season will be eliminated.

What’s special about a fibre optic Christmas tree?

A Fibre optic tree has lights that run through the limbs. These lights cycle through a spectrum of varied colours to give a magical lighting effect. Fibre optic trees are at their best in the dark.

Why does my Christmas tree not look as fluffy as it should?

Most artificial Christmas trees are now hinge based, and when the tree is erected the limbs should open up.

However you will now need to fluff each limb so that the branches form a starfish pattern.



Can I spray snow onto my baubles to have the flocked look?

It is not recommended to use the snow spray for windows on your baubles as this will tarnish the baubles.

How can I create the snowy Christmas window look?

Using spray snow in a can and stencils you can have that winter wonderland feeling on the windows of your house.

How can I make an elegant table centre piece?

Too easy…. just watch this video!

How do I remove spray snow that has baked onto my windows over summer?

Using a soft sourer and some dishwashing detergent, snow that has baked onto windows will wash away.

How much fabric do I need to make Christmas bows?

To make a double loop bow you will need 90cm of ribbon. To make a multi loop bow allow for 25cm per loop and 20cm for the tail.

The strings on my baubles are too short what can I do?

Remove the stings and use ornament hooks!

What are shatterproof baubles?

hey look like glass but are made from shatterproof PVC.  If you drop them they will bounce.

What is the best ribbon to use for Christmas bows?

Wire edge ribbon will give the best finish for Christmas bows as they will hold their shape.

What is the correct way to set up a nativity?

The nativity should be assembled without baby Jesus.  Jesus should be added to the manger on Christmas morning.

When should I put my Christmas Decorations up?

The unwritten rule in Australia is that the lights should be flicked on, on the 1st of December.  If the 1st falls mid-week that can be an awkward time to set everything up.  So why not set it all up the weekend before and just light it up on the 1st.

When should I take down my Christmas Decorations?

In Australia we have the blessing of Christmas coinciding with our summer, so many people head away for a family trip on Boxing Day and thus the decorations come down when they get home.  For those of us who remain at home, decorations are usually removed on the 6th of January, the day after the twelve days of Christmas.

DAYS Til Santa!

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