Tree Skirts

Many people love the smell of a pine tree – it’s an integral part of their Christmas and they would never be without a genuine, fresh tree. However, not as many people appreciate pine needles falling into the carpet and getting caught in people’s socks! Even if you have an artificial tree, the stands that come with them are often very unattractive. So within the Christmas items marker, is there a solution? Tree skirts! They are decorative alongside being practical. As well as catching all of those pine needles before they embed themselves in your carpet (maybe to grow you a new Christmas tree for next year!), they also can hide the unattractive plastic stands that hold many artificial trees up.

Variety is the spice of Christmas
You can find many patterns, designs and colours in the Christmas tree skirt selection here at Christmas Kingdom. When choosing tree skirts, you should always bear in mind how big your Christmas tree is going to be each year and if the skirt will be big enough or too big. Another consideration is what Christmas themes you tend to go for in your house – you should buy tree skirts that are versatile in case you change your mind and then it clashes with your new desire. You can also choose either a very patterned skirt, or a skirt that is more plain and just acts as a background to the beautiful effect of your Christmas tree and all the hard work that went into decorating it.

You can also choose to make your own tree skirts if you have the time and creativity – there are many packs available to help you along your way and aid in the design process. This will be something you can keep and pass on to your children and family as a precious memory.