Christmas Lights Displays

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Layer Star 3 layer LED
Shooting Star White LED
Green Star Motif set of 7
Waving Santa in Sleigh LED
Blue Star Motif set of 7
$99.00 $79.00
White Snowflakes Motif set of 7
White Star Motif set of 7
$99.00 $79.00


LED Candy Canes Red B.op s/6
Country Charm Gift Boxes with Lights S/3
Blue Snowflakes Motif set of 7
LED Star 4 Bands 86 cm
$119.00 $99.00


Sitting Polar Bear WW LED 53cm

Christmas Lights Displays

If you have lived in a neighbourhood for a number of years, everyone knows where to go to see crazy Christmas lights and Christmas lights displays once the festive season comes around. Some people just love to decorate the outside of their houses with tonnes and tonnes of Christmas lights, and really go the whole barrel for their displays! People often end up competing with the homes around them to see who can have the best display –but everyone starts somewhere. So whether you are a newbie to Christmas lights displays or you’re a seasoned decorator, Christmas Kingdom has the resources you need to help you put a little bit of extra pizzazz into your display and have the best Christmas lights in your neighbourhood.

Musical Lights
Some Christmas lights displays you see not only have amazing Christmas lights and more, but they have it all synchronised to beautiful, festive music! You can purchase outdoor speakers and set your lights to timers to flicker on and off when you want them to if this is something you would be interested in doing at your own house. Other crazy Christmas lights have large inflatable Santas or snowmen in amongst them – maybe you could even have a Santa’s sleigh on your rooftop! However, it’s important to remember that your lights need to be weatherproof, as they are likely to see very high temperatures during the Australian summer!

Making Your Home Pretty
Everyone likes their home to look pretty – this is especially so at Christmas. If you are a party animal and are hosting events over the Christmas and new year period, it would be even better if you have a Christmas lights display as it will really put your guests in the spirit of things. You can use things like net lights and curtain lights to decorate the exterior of your house as well as the windows as they will cover a large amount of space with minimal effort, and then you can save the more special lights for individual features around your plot.

DAYS Til Santa!