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Rope Light Motif

Lighting enthusiasts are in for a treat thanks to the huge array of Rope Light Motifs available through Christmas Kingdom! The selection is endless!! No house is complete without Christmas lighting and thanks to the selection available there is an answer to every theme imaginable. Whether you are going for a simple look or are going all out for that show-stopping house, Christmas Kingdom can help.

Unlike many other Christmas traditions, exterior lighting doesn’t date that far back. Somewhere around the mid-20th century it suddenly became common to hang strings of electric lights. These lights were originally placed along streets and buildings. It wasn’t until the 1960s that lighting on private homes became part of the Christmas traditions.

Today people hang lights just about anywhere they can! Lights decorate archways and doorways, fireplace mantles and railings of homes (inside and outside). It’s not just private homes that have adopted the tradition, with many buildings and skyscrapers creating their own stunning light displays with some going as far as to set them on timers and include music.

Thanks to the seemingly endless amount of options available through Christmas Kingdom, you are sure to be the envy and talk of the neighbourhood!

For a solid-colour lighting scheme make sure to check out the many star motifs. There is also the stunning Reindeer with Sleigh Silhouette available in a couple solid-colours. This piece would make a fabulous addition to existing lighting or as a standalone piece. There are plenty of elaborate and intricate pieces with different colour rope lighting used throughout. You’ll find images of Santa, Snowmen, Stars, Toy Soldiers, Christmas Trees and illuminated Merry Christmas signs. Some pieces also use glitter allowing the lights to reflect off of it. Another beautiful piece is a blue and silver “Christmas Tree” made entirely of rope light strands that are anchored to a base, which allows it to stand. For those truly looking to make a statement, check out the Reindeer Barn, complete with all nine reindeer tucked into their stalls.

DAYS Til Santa!