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#19 Five House Village set 24pcs b/o
#30 Winter Skating Village anim/music
#3 Christmas Village foptic/anim
#303 Lit Snowy Pine med b/o 3V
#12 Carousel anim/music
#62 Santas Factory Tree Sale bop
#32 Kiddie Playground anim/music bop
#41 Flying Chairs Mini anim/music bop
#27 Train Scene Anim/Busic bop
#31 The Gifts Factory anim/music

Village Buildings

The Lemax Caddington Village collection is an impressive and large collection, with all pieces displaying the trademark details Lemax is so well known for. With a hefty 60 pieces offered through Christmas Kingdom, you will have no problem at all creating the ideal Caddington Village, whether you choose to go with just a couple signature pieces or go all out and create the entire village.

Caddington Village is meant to showcase the elegance of the Victorian Era, from its rich colourful daily life to the extreme attention to detail in the architecture. Caddington Village does an excellent job of capturing the refinement and sophistication of this point in time through richly costumed people, stunning cathedrals and complex architecture of all the buildings, homes and structures.

For those unfamiliar with Lemax Village Collections, it has been around since 1990 offering lighted houses, landscaping, figurines and accessories. It quickly became a favourite brand among village collectors thanks to its bright colours and attention to detail. Perhaps you don’t own a piece from Lemax yet, if not Christmas is the ideal time to display a starter collection or even give a piece as a gift that will be displayed for many years to come.

The Caddington Village collection includes such wonderful pieces as the whimsical Victorian Christmas Shoppe. This lovely piece features a lighted porcelain Christmas Shoppe complete with a bright red welcoming mat, Christmas wreaths and garland hanging from the exterior and even topiary trees to add to the Christmas feel.

Another piece not to be missed is St. Joseph’s Chapel. What a perfect piece to display at Christmas. This lovely Victorian era Chapel is also decked out in Christmas finery with wreaths, topiary and a Christmas tree decorating its exterior. Each of its windows is lit from within, creating a warm and inviting glow. The detail on the piece is exquisite and would be a prized item to add to a collection.

DAYS Til Santa!