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#374 Snow Powder
#443 3V DC Adaptor 4 Way
#440 4.5V DC Adaptor 1 Way
#350 Village Entrance
#311 Pine Trees set of 13
#304 Lit Xmas Tree 3pk
#300 Snow Tipped Pine Lit
#122 Street Scape Scene
#322 Lighted Oak Warm White
#127 Fireplace Sceen
#113 Elves Helping Santa Lit /bop
#357 Poly Stone Fence

Village Accessories

Welcome to the world of Lemax Accessories at Christmas Kingdom! Here you’ll find a wonderful selection of resin pieces to accent your Lemax Christmas villages.

Add “Santa’s Footbridge,” a cheerful addition painted in holiday colours of green, red, and white, and a perfect piece for any Lemax village. Add in some Lemax figurines available on Christmas Kingdom, and make Santa’s Footbridge the perfect stage for a whimsical Lemax tale!

Create ambience and whimsy with the “Reindeer Refreshments” accessory, a fun red and white striped fountain, made especially for Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and, yep, you guessed it! Rudolph!

Ever dreamed of having a white picket fence? Now you can have one with Lemax! Add a charming white picket fence to your Lemax Christmas village, and include other Lemax accessories to add charm and dimension, including metal benches, street clocks, carnival flags, wooden lobster pots, autumn wreaths, and even a fun Christmas outhouse!

Christmas Kingdom wants your Christmas to be the best it can be. With Christmas Kingdom and Lemax, you’ll infuse the holiday season with spirit and fun. Begin a new tradition this holiday season, or build upon your existing Lemax village, with the wide assortment of offerings at Christmas Kingdom.

About Lemax

Founded in 1990, Lemax began as a modest offering of small, lighted houses and has grown into a collection of houses, figurines, landscaping, and accessories.

The company has delighted collectors from around the world with their attention to detail, quality product and large selection. Many, it seems have been drawn to the collection by the affordable entry point and have been hooked ever since!

Whether you buy one Lemax, or buy them all, you’ll be delighted with the care and detail that goes into each piece. Christmas Kingdom offers a wide selection of Lemax figurines to accompany your Christmas village or for you to enjoy on their own.

Small pieces are a choking hazard; please remember to be cautious of small pieces around children and animals.

DAYS Til Santa!