Natural Appearing Christmas Trees

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Natural Appearing Christmas Trees

It just wouldn’t be Christmas without a Christmas tree for your office or lounge! When you shop from Christmas Kingdom, you know that everything you buy is of top quality, with choices to suit every budget. And of course, every Christmas tree needs to be fully decorated, but we’ve got you covered; we have a great selection of lights and decorations for you to browse for this year’s tree trimming!

History of Artificial Christmas Trees

Artificial Christmas Trees are artificial fir and pine trees made specifically for use as a Christmas tree. Most are made from PVC – polyvinyl chloride, but some are made from fiber optic or other materials.

Early Christmas trees, made in Germany where the tradition began, were wooden pyramids or trees made from goose feathers. The feathers, dyed green, were attached to wire branches, which were wrapped around a dowel. Sometimes, those trees were tipped with red berries for both decoration and to act as candle holders. These feather trees were decorated with ornaments, as well.

Brush bristle trees were the next evolution of artificial trees, with the first brush bristle trees made in 1930. The brush bristles, made from animal hair dyed green, were formed on the same machine that made toilet brushes. They became popular because they could hold more ornaments than the previous feather versions. They were also less flammable.

Aluminum Christmas trees were first made in 1958. They were fairly popular, but sales began to decline after “A Charlie Brown Christmas” aired in 1965.

Modern artificial trees became popular after a decline in interest in aluminum trees. Consumers may purchase PVC trees in many shapes and sizes, and even different colours. The most recent trend, pre-lit Christmas trees, even saves you from having to deal with the hassle and tangle of strands of lights.  Trees may also be “glittered” or “frosted,” or made for outdoor use.

Benefits of an artificial tree compared to a real tree:

  1. Artificial trees always look new and fabulous and never wilt or die
  2. They don’t require watering
  3. You can pack it up and use it again, year after year
  4. You don’t have to drag out a real tree and try to stuff it in your bin
  5. You don’t have to buy a new tree every year
  6. You can move the branches around to suit your ornaments

DAYS Til Santa!