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Room Decorations

If you’re looking for ideas on how to bring your room alive and create that festive holiday feel, Christmas Kingdom offers a number of room decoration options.  Room decorations can be used as hanging pieces from doorways and arches or even placed on the walls to help create that holiday look.

Putting up Christmas decorations is a long-standing tradition dating all the way back to the 15th century. In fact, nativity scenes are known to date as far back as 10th century Rome! Early decorations included such items as ivy and holly and since then, they’ve come a long way. Local traditions and resources have played a huge role in what decorations have evolved to be today. As far as commercially-produced Christmas decorations, records show they first popped up in or around the 1860s in Germany.

When you think of Christmas decorations the traditional colours of red and green typically come to mind first. However, nowadays it’s more an anything-goes mentality with shades of blue, purple, pink, silver, and gold being just as popular.

Perhaps you already have a colour scheme in mind, or maybe you’re looking to create a whole new theme this year. Not to worry, because Christmas Kingdom has you covered! We offer a selection of room decorations in gold, silver, and blue; you can mix and match or stick with one colour palette. The ever-popular star decoration is found in a number of colours including some with glitter or beads on them to add that extra special sparkle. Perhaps a gold Christmas bell is more what you’re looking for, which is offered in a gorgeous rattan.

As an added bonus, all decorations are priced well under the $10 mark making them perfect for multi-packing and creating a continuous flow through the home or workplace. There are a number of different sizes available in the decorations.

DAYS Til Santa!