Fibre Optic Christmas Trees

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#1270 70cm LED Fiber optic green tree

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#3199 210cm White Fiber Optic Tree Starburts effect

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#3182 150cm Green Fiber Optic tree

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#3144 90cm Stars & Snowflake Fibre Optic Tree

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#3120 150cm Black Fiber Optic Tree with White LED

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Sale! #3106 Warm White F/O Tree 210cm
#3106 Warm White F/O Tree 210cm
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Fibre Optic Christmas Trees

Fibre optic trees are relatively new on the market. They were very popular during the 90s and have remained almost constantly in vogue since then, especially popular with younger people and young families who don’t yet have children. They are also popular as an alternative second or third tree in a home where the main Christmas tree may be in the living room where the Christmas presents go, and so fibre optic trees decorate bedrooms and hallways. They are a popular choice in conservatories and sun rooms, as when dusk starts to settle their lights look very effective from outside – they look great in Christmas tree pictures!

Variety, Variety!

Fibre optic trees offer a variety of colours and sizes – they can range anything between 3 feet tall and 9 feet tall! There are lots of variations on the traditional tree so if you don’t want just a plain fibre optic, then there are other choices that still fall into this category but are slightly different to the norm. The lights sparkle like stars, and add an extra festive element to the proceedings. They are a very safe kind of tree, as the lights are not heat-emitting and thus are not as much of a fire hazard as regular lights. This is an important consideration if you have children or pets that could easily get a little bit too close to it!

Lighting on Fibre Optics

Some trees are now available so that you can have two settings – one is a colour setting and the other is just a plain, white setting. This means that you have two separate effects for the same price! So the fibre optic Christmas tree is economical in that it saves you purchasing two sets of lights! It also saved decorating time in the light department, and is very effective if left plain – no more wracking your brain for Christmas tree decoration ideas! Fibre optic trees are also economical because they use LED lights which are very low in electricity output, but very bright.

DAYS Til Santa!