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White Strobe Light String 5m
Warm White Digital Snowflake
Multi LED Rope Light 8m Solar
Cluster Icicles 1008 LED 9m
White 300 LED Fairy Lights Solar
White Star with Waterfall Lights LED
Multicolour Meteor Lights
Blue White Digital Snowflake
White Digital Snowflake
Multicolour Strobe Light String 5m
Multicolour Firecracker Lights
White Firecracker Lights 720

Fancy LED Lights

LED fairy lights are the next big thing. LED technology has taken the Christmas lights market by storm due to its efficiency and longevity along with the quality of brightness you can get from the lighting systems it offers. LED fairy lights are obviously among these, given the popularity of fairy lights at Christmas as well as other times of year when a touch of magic is needed. These new Christmas lights are also available as battery operated units with rechargeable batteries which just goes to show how economical they are with energy!

Good Different, Not Bad Different
LED fairy lights do not look like your average fairy light – they don’t have the same shaped bulb (cylindrical with a pointy tip to emulate the lanterns they originated from). LED fairy lights actually tend to have round bulbs – some have more prominent bulbs than others. They are available in all kinds of colours, and because of how bright and vibrant the light is that they give off, the colour strands in particular are very popular with people. They are available in all kinds of crazy Christmas lights designs, with shades on them like Santa or reindeer as well as Christmas pudding and angels or bells! They are great for decorating children’s bedrooms or for making hallways appear warm and welcoming.

Easy Peasy
LED fairy lights are very easy to use and can also be suitable for use outdoors, although you should check the packaging prior to purchase to ensure that this is the case – lights need to be heat resistant as well as water resistant if they are going to be on the outside of your home – not that we often see a lot of rain during the Australian summer! If you are buying new Christmas lights, you should definitely look into LED lighting – it is growing in popularity for a very good reason!

DAYS Til Santa!