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100 Warm White LED Battery Lights
100 Multicolour LED Battery Lights
50 Cold White LED Battery Lights
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100 Cold White LED Battery Lights
200 Cold White LED Battery Lights

Battery Operated Lights

One of the most important parts of Christmas decoration for many people is Christmas lights displays and all of the other Christmas lights that you see hanging around during the run up to the festive season. There are lots of choices when buying new Christmas lights, and one of the most versatile and easy to use types are battery operated lights. They can be used for many different things, but one of the most popular uses is when decorating Christmas trees. This is because sometimes, the optimum place for a big busy Christmas tree is somewhere away from a power source. Another reason can be that it is really difficult to turn wall sources of power on and off when there is a 7 foot Christmas tree in your way! Battery operated lights might also be a great choice if you have small children and pets around to minimise accidents caused by wall sockets and live wires!

Useful for Everything and Cheap Too!
If you want to create a Christmas lights display and decorate places like your outdoor trees and fences, or your stair case where there will not necessarily be a main power source, battery operated lights can be extremely useful. If you are using rechargeable batteries, you can also save money by using these lights as they tend to be much more energy efficient than mains lighting. On top of this, they can be quite inexpensive to buy and there is sure to be something that won’t damage your purse too badly! Some of the best Christmas lights are battery operated, as manufacturers have had to really concentrate on quality due to increased competition in the Christmas lights market.

Many people wonder why you would choose battery operated lights when there are options like solar powered and LED lights on the market. It all boils down to your circumstances and what suits you best – if you are spending Christmas in a caravan or motor home, battery operated lights are going to be your only viable option. If you live in an older house, or have young children and/or animals, they are also one of the best options due to them being effectively cordless.

DAYS Til Santa!