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Icicle Lights

Icicle lights are some of the most popular outdoor decorative lighting choices during the festive season. There is something about them that is simple yet elegant, and just adds a little something to a house – however sparsely decorated it may be! If you’re not into crazy Christmas lights, but you like to make a little effort, these are the lights for you! Icicles are used by all manner of Christmas decorators from the ones who can’t be that bothered, to the one who go full pelt and add electric frosting to every available space on the exterior of their house! Icicles are especially good for warmer countries during Christmas, as you can get the stereotypical Christmas look without waiting for the utterly improbable snow to land and give you a fairytale white Christmas.

Why Icicle Lighting?
Icicles used to be available in just white, but they have quickly grown in popularity and with this, diversity. They are now available in all manner of colours, and you can get them in different string styles as well. The most popular of these is plastic tubing with LED lights, as they are very good in all weather conditions. LED lighting is also exceptionally energy efficient and much cheaper to run than normal lighting – this applies to icicles as well! If you are considering buying new Christmas lights this is definitely something you should take into consideration. They are typically hung from the gutter railing or eves of your home, but can also be used on fences, balconies and gazebos for during all those wild Christmas parties!

So Popular!
When icicles first came out on the Christmas lighting market, you had to buy several sets to decorate your home. Each one of these needed its own power socket – you can imagine what a nightmare it must’ve been creating a Christmas lights display under those circumstances! Now though, manufacturers make LED lighting so that you can connect multiple sets to the same power supply – this is all because of how little energy LED lights actually need to run.

DAYS Til Santa!