Five Centrepiece Christmas Decorations to Amaze Your Holiday Guests

Decorations make Christmas a wonderful time of the year. They show that everyone is in a happy and positive spirit, and help us all stay in that wonderful and merry mood.

Decorations suddenly appear everywhere during the Christmas season. They creep into the shops and the streets and malls. They fill up public spaces and take over our homes. At the start of December we can drive around our town, and as the nights get closer to the big day, more and more houses are covered in twinkling, shining and sparkling Christmas lights.

We can fill up our houses with Christmas trees, banners and party chains. We can place decorations on mantle pieces, over the fire, and even over the ends of our beds. There really isn’t much that can’t be decorated, and the more that we get into the spirit, the more decorations we want to place into our lives.

One of the most special and exciting decorations to choose over Christmas is the table centrepiece. You can include these on your tables at any time of the day or night, but you will certainly want to include them during your special Christmas meals, and when family and friends come to visit.

If you are going to include centrepieces in your tables, then you will want to consider your table size and its location. You will need to ensure that all of the plates of food and goodies can fit onto the table, in addition to the centrepiece, and you will also want it short enough, that guests can see over it and talk to each other.

The best centrepieces are ones that are creative, original and spectacular – filled with colours, textures (and even tastes and smells) that inspire and provoke the feelings of Christmas and good cheer. Here are five centrepiece decorations that you may choose for your own table this Christmas that will only make your guests say wow!

Decorate with food

Christmas is a time to stuff ourselves with food, and enjoy all of the flavours and delicacies on offer. This is why table centrepieces that are created using food are always popular with family and friends. It is exciting to sit down at a table with a big and beautiful centrepiece that not only looks great, but tastes great too. It is a sign of the wonderful meals and good times that will be coming ahead.

There are many different options for edible centrepieces that you can use on your table this Christmas. They can be as simple or complicated as you like, and you can either purchase them or make them at home yourself.

Imagine a large glass bowl, filled with lollies and yummy treats. If your edible goods don’t need refrigeration, then fill your large and clear bowl with them, and leave them there for anyone to pick at and tempt themselves with. Choose items that are colourful, bright and yummy, including chocolates, candies and baked goods. You can also bake a ginger bread house and decorate it with your children. This will be a spectacular centrepiece that will last for the entire Christmas season, until it is finally eaten by those who deserve it most.

Decorate with flowers

Choose summery flowers that are elegant and fresh. You can either pick these yourself from your own garden, or purchase them from a great florist. Order them in advance for special Christmas events and talk to your florist about special treatments available, to place in the water, that will make them last and keep them fresh for longer.

Dried flowers are also impressive for Christmas decorations, and they will last a lot longer than fresh flowers. Choose ones that are native to your region, and include other natural items such as branches, pine cones and seed pods.

Create a piñata

While these usually hang from a tree, a piñata can certainly sit as a centrepiece on your Christmas table, until it is ready to be hung. A piñata is traditionally made from papier-mâché, and is decorated with lollies and edible treats. Once it is hung from a great height, children and adults take turns to hit it with sticks, as it slowly breaks, lollies fall out and they can then be eaten by everyone involved.

Create your own piñata and decorate it in a Christmas theme. Fill it with lollies and treats, and make it a centrepiece on your Christmas table. Use bright and exciting colours to paint it with, and make a time when it can be hung and smashed.

Build a bon-bon tower

Bon-bons are fun to use at Christmas time, and they add to the social and sharing environment. Bon-bons may include tiny presents, jokes and party hats, and two people work together to hold the ends and pull to make a pop.

Bon-bons are usually used to decorate each place at the table, however they can also be used to build an impressive centrepiece for the centre of the table. Start by arranging the bon-bons to form a solid base, and then build them up to a peak at the top. You may need to use small amounts of tape to keep them in place, just be sure that they can be easily separated again, because you will want to pop them at the end of the meal.

Purchase a mini-tree

For a simple and elegant centrepiece that is both refreshing and traditional, purchase or make a tiny Christmas tree, that can be erected in the centre of your table. Decorate it as usual, place a star on the top, and for extra effort you can even place tiny wrapped presents underneath, for all of the guests at your party.

DAYS Til Santa!

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