Christmas in Perth

If you live in Perth or you are visiting the area of Perth, then get prepared for a hot Christmas. The temperature is soaring at this time of year, and you will want to plan ahead to avoid getting too hot and bothered. Allow plenty of time for your Christmas shopping, and extra time if you are traveling on public transport, because a Perth Christmas is hot, bustling and busy. There are many things to do in the Western Australian city of Perth, and you will find the summer packed with many special events that are held in the local area. There are many ways to enjoy the Christmas spirit, including Christmas lights and Christmas decorations in public areas, and large public Christmas trees that are filled with Christmas tree ornaments and Led Christmas lights. Christmas Carols in Perth Christmas carols are held every year in Perth at the Supreme Court Gardens and they are filled with magical moments of Christmas cheer. Professional performers delight the crowds, with music, dancing and drama. This is an event that is fun for the entire family, and there is no better way that stretching out under the summer sky, singing your favourite Christmas songs. Children will also enjoy the atmosphere and they will sing and dance along with the many other children who attend the event. Many of the performances cater especially for them and this is a chance to relax by the waterfront gardens, while the entire family enjoys the show.Christmas lights in Perth You can find Christmas lights all throughout the city, including many locations in the central business district. The retail stores love to light up their windows and they have many colourful displays with Christmas decorations and outdoor Christmas lighting. Taking a walk through Perth during Christmas is a delight, however if you have a car then it is worth taking a drive through the residential areas also, to explore the suburbs and see the many impressive Christmas light displays that are being offered. Residents have been decorating their houses with lights and competing with each other for many years, and entire streets are filled with beautiful and magical displays. Take a drive through the different suburbs, including Connolly, Armadale, Canningvale, Duncraig and High Wycombe. In Connolly, the whole street is lit up at Prarie Dunes. Another notable street with a fantastic display is Old Belvidere Prom in East Perth. The outdoor Christmas lights look amazing, and if you have children they will mind beauty and magic in the displays. They will gaze in wonder at the many xmas decorations that adorn the houses in the Perth streets and the glass Christmas ornaments that are carefully placed on the outdoor Christmas trees. Christmas Shopping in Perth Shopping in Perth gets busy in Christmas and if you want to complete you Christmas shopping then the best stores to check out are at Murray and Hay Street Malls. You will find a range of popular retail stores and also specialty stores in the Perth district that will provide you with everything you need, including Christmas gifts and fresh food for your Christmas feasts. You will find that many of the stores decorate their buildings with Christmas lights and Christmas trees. Elegant displays of nativity scenes are scattered throughout the city and you will enjoy your Christmas shopping as the entire city of Perth gets into season. If you have children, don’t forget to take them to the major retail stores and shopping centres, including those on Murray and Hay Street malls, as they have Santa coming to visit throughout the season, and there are many opportunities for the little ones to have their picture taken with him.

DAYS Til Santa!