How to Flame-Proof Your Christmas Decorations

Christmas is a time that should be filled with joy, not accidents and injuries, but unfortunately disasters do occur so it is best that we prepare against them. One of the biggest problems during the Christmas period is that we are doing new things, out of our normal routines, and brining new objects and decorations into the home. With all of these new objects and events, we can become very rushed, and accidents can occur.

A huge consideration for families that are decorating their homes this Christmas, is fire safety. Fires can occur inside the home, because of open fire places, heaters and also Christmas lights and decorations that are used during the celebration. The home can become crowded and there are lots of extra items that can be used for fuel during a fire – so it is important that you take as many precautions possible, to keep you, your home, and your family safe.

If you have children you will want to be extra careful with fire and Christmas decorations. You will want to keep your own children, or children who are visiting your home safe, but you will also want to ensure that it isn’t your children who cause the accident. Many young children like to run through the house because of their excitement in the season, and when they do this they may accidently knock something over, including Christmas decorations, Christmas trees and lamps.

Candles are also a cause of fires during the Christmas period, and these can be knocked over or placed too close to fuel such as curtains or paper. A simple flame on a candle can cause a massive problem and a huge house fire, in not much time at all. A simple accident can turn into something big, especially if the house is big and all of the people in it are busy and distracted elsewhere.

People like to gather together during Christmas, so a fire that starts in a bedroom or living area, might not be noticed if everyone is outside or downstairs. A simple blaze, because of Christmas decorations or candles, can quickly turn into a massive house fire if no one is there to investigate.

Check your wall connections and adaptors

During Christmas there are many different items that need to be plugged into power points, including the normal equipment in your home, the decorations that you place around the rooms and on the tree, and additional electrical equipment for visitors, toys and gifts.

Plan ahead when you decorate and rearrange your room. Ensure that you are not overfilling power boards and wall sockets, and don’t join adapters together. These are very important considerations, as an overloaded socket could cause serious disasters. Spread your decorations around the room, and place them appropriately for a fire resistant home.

Organise your electrical cords
Ensure that your home is safe this Christmas by organising your electrical cords, and tying them down as required. During the busy season you will have adults and children running around the house, and you will need to ensure that they don’t trip over cords. When you have extra decorations and electrical items, you might need to use extension cords to connect it all together. Ensure that these are kept out of the way, and aren’t a trip or fire hazard to people who are using the space to celebrate.

Check and throw away damaged lights

Using damaged lights and electrical decorations is a huge fire hazard, and even if you have spent a lot of money on the lights you will save money in the long run if you through them out. Using damaged lights could cause a fire in your home and destroy all of the things that you love the most. Replace lights that aren’t new or that are damaged, and look forward to changing and updating your displays every year.

Follow the directions on the packaging

All Christmas decorations are created differently and they will have different instructions for safety and use. If you collect Christmas decorations, keep the packaging for reference year after year, and follow the instructions accordingly. Avoid using indoor lights outdoors and use the lights or other electrical features for their intended purpose only.

DAYS Til Santa!

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