How to Preserve Your Glitter-Encrusted Christmas Decorations

Christmas is a time for sparkle and joy. It is a time for wishes and forgiving, imagination and hope. Many families love to celebrate these concepts through their choice of Christmas decorations. Popular choices for decorations at this time of the year are shining fairy lights, glimmering baubles, glittery tinsel and sparkling stars.

There are many different decoration styles to choose from and every year the Christmas stores release new and exciting choices. There are glittering items that are colourful and creative, that represent every single aspect of the rainbow. You can also choose classic and elegant decorations that glitter and sparkle with sophistication in a traditional way. Whatever your preference for style and theme, you will find glitter-encrusted Christmas decorations to keep you happy and spruce up your home and life.

One of the many concerns that people have though, when choosing glittery decorations, is how to care for them from year to year. All decorations can be fragile and can suffer damage or destruction if they are not cared for appropriately. This care should not only be given when they are in use, and during the decoration period, but when they are stored in boxes throughout the year, until the next Christmas arrives.

Glittery Christmas decorations can be one of the most difficult to care for, because glitter is so fine and precious. It is very easy to knock and chip and it can fall off easily. Glitter is also very difficult to gather, and reapply to the Christmas decorations, once it has fallen off the decoration and onto the floor. It can be a messy process to fix and reconstruct glittery decorations, and even cause a lot of emotional stress.

Here are some ideas for preserving your glitter-encrusted Christmas decorations, so that you can enjoy them year after year, with your friends, children and family. You can also think out your own preservation secrets, and impress everyone around you with the way that you care for and protect your decorations.

Use tissue paper to protect glittery decorations

Even if you are in a hurry, it is important to pack away your decorations at the end of each year with care. You may be busy and want to pack them away quickly, but if you take short cuts in protecting your items then you will only be creating disappointment for the time that you unpack them again in the future.

Use tissue paper that is soft and protective to wrap each item in, so that it doesn’t rub against others in the same box. You may wrap baubles separately, before placing them together in a box, or you may use the paper to layer between them, so that they don’t rub against each other.

Tissue paper also stops baubles and other glittery items from crashing around in a large box. You can also use blankets or other materials, to take up space if you are using an extra-large box with a lot of spare room.

Follow instructions from the manufacturer

You might find some great secrets for protecting your glittery baubles and shining Christmas decorations from the manufacturer’s instructions. Each decoration is created differently and needs to be cared for differently. Manufacturers test their products and know their flaws, so read the information included in the packaging for further instruction. You should also package this information well, for easy access, with the decorations, so that they can be read and referred to year after year.

Be prepared to make your own repairs

You can easily find glitter glue, sequins and other shiny craft materials in local stores. These items are readily available, even in small towns, so that you can make your own repairs to baubles and ornaments during the Christmas period.

Remember that accidents do happen, and there is no need to become depressed or upset if something breaks. If a sequin drops off a decoration then have some glue handy to stick it back on. If glitter rubs off something, purchase some glitter spray to recoat it with.

Use clear glue spray, or hair spray to protect

If glitter rubs off a Christmas ornament then stop it from happening by coating it with a thin layer or spray on glue or hairspray. You can use these items to add extra protection and prevent the glitter from rubbing off in the first place. Think ahead and stay smart this Christmas. Enjoy your decorations and protect them from year to year.

DAYS Til Santa!

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