Ten Fun Christmas Decorations You Can Hang Anywhere

Christmas time is a time for fun and variety, and if you are planning the decorations for your home, then smile bright and think big. There are many different types of decorations to choose from that can create elegance and excitement in your home.

Over the years Christmas decorations have changed a lot. New technologies have given us new and exciting decorations. There are some cool and crazy choices out there, so you never need to be bored, but there are also many decorations that are traditional and have a classic feel to them.

We have gathered a list of ten fun Christmas decorations that you can hang anywhere. They are diverse and all of them can be easily added into your home this Christmas. Read this list and think of your own unique style, and start designing your dream home this Christmas because you can certainly make it a reality.

Stars are not only for the top of a Christmas tree. They are beautiful, cheerful and elegant, and they can be hung in many different locations around your house. Consider a star on your front door, rather than a wreath. Attach them to stockings and candles, and watch the light from them shine.

Fairy lights
Fairy lights and rope lights are highly versatile and they can be hung anywhere inside and outside your home. Ensure that they are use according to their instructions for safety, but get creative and fun with the places that you let them hang.

A wreath is great for the front door of your home during Christmas, but they can also be hung on the inside doors of your home, on walls and even used as table decorations. You can purchase or make your own wreaths and they will surely bring you good luck this season.

No sound expresses Christmas more than the sound of bells. They can be large clanging bells, like from a church, or the fun tinkling of sleigh bells. Add them in different places around your home and here them jingle and ring.

Ribbons are not just for gift wrapping. They can be attached to different places in your home to spread good luck and Christmas cheer. Choose rich velvety ribbons, or those that are coloured in red, green, gold or silver.

Just like ribbons, tinsel is a colourful and bright way to decorate your home. It is light and easily attached to walls, doorways and trees, to brighten up the lives of anyone who sees it.

Christmas stockings are a fun way to give gifts during Christmas, but they don’t need to be hung over a bed or a fire place. You can hang them from walls or even the backs of chairs to inspire all who see them.

Candles can be hung from ceiling hooks and lit, or they can be simply used as decoration. The resemble light, and a positive path in the future, and they can provide elegance and charm in your home.

Children love stickers at any time of the year, but they are even more fun at Christmas. These inexpensive treats can be used anywhere in your home, just be sure not to stick them on precious surfaces.

Get bright and bubbly with your baubles. They don’t have to be restricted to your Christmas tree and can be hung from various locations around your house. Gather them together in bunches or place them in a bowl as the centrepiece on a table.

DAYS Til Santa!