Top Christmas Decorations to Really “Wow” Your Holiday Guests

When you decorate your house this Christmas, consider the experience that you are creating for your holiday guests. If your friends and family feel comfortable in your home, then everybody will be happy and you will be responsible for creating an event to remember for years and comes.

There are a lot of things to remember at Christmas time. Everyone is in a rush and it isn’t only Santa Clause who has a long to do list. There are menus to plan, guests to organise, shopping lists to write, and decorations to place. You will certainly have a lot to do, if you are inviting guests into your home this Christmas, but if you take a breath of fresh air and keep a smile on your face, you can certainly make it through and create the most perfect Christmas experience in your home.

This article has been written to give you some ideas and inspiration for Christmas decorations. We want you to choose decorations that will really ‘wow’ your guests. We want them to be the talking point of your home, and we want your guests to comment on how beautiful and striking they are.

We want this Christmas to be the best one ever, through a carefully decorated home that puts everyone in the Christmas spirit. So let’s get going. We are sharing here some ideas and suggestions for decorating your home this Christmas, and sharing some top Christmas decorations to really ‘wow’ your holiday guests this season.

Think big

Christmas decorations come in different sizes, from small intricate items, to large and grand displays. If you choose a supersized Christmas decoration for inside your home, or for establishment in your front yard, then your guests won’t be able to avoid looking at it. Placing a large electric light display or feature on your front yard will entice not only your guests to stand around it, but you will attract attention from the other residents in your street, including children who will laugh and smile with delight. Think big, and get big results!

Make it personal

Personalise your Christmas decorations so that your guests feel special and welcomed. There are many different ways to personalise your decorations, and attribute different decorations to different guests that are invited in your home.

You can place decorations over or on the beds of your guests, including stockings (that you can fill with treats), or wreaths. These decorations will make them feel welcomed and personally thanked for joining you during the Christmas season.

At the dinner table, there are many different ways to decorate each place setting. You can use Christmas-themed placemats, brilliant candles, wreathes and centrepieces. You can use bows, bells and stars and get creative with the overall result. Remember a Christmas dinner isn’t all about the food. It is about the decorations that you choose to use as well.


Never forget the importance of bon-bons at Christmas. This is because these simple crackers create magical moments that will be remembered for many years to come. They are inexpensive and they can be placed at each person’s place at the dinner table, or attached to Christmas gifts that are piled under the tree. You can also place them on the tree itself, so that adults and children can pick them off as they will, and share a moment together.

Remember that Christmas decorations should create moments that people can share with each other, including family and friends. If a Christmas decoration makes you smile and laugh with joy, then it will certainly make other people do the same too.

An elegant Christmas tree

Christmas is not Christmas without a beautiful tree. Think about creating a large and grand tree in your home. Choose an artificial tree that is beautiful and well designed to support a large number of decorations. Imagine the most perfect and tall tree, in the middle of your home. Imagine the joy that you entire family will have, decorating the branches and piling the presents underneath the base of it.

A Christmas tree can be easy to put up, but the results will always ‘wow’ your guests. Put in lots of effort, and have a fun time choosing the decorations, and you will be glad you did as it will attribute to you creating a beautiful and wonderful Christmas, to remember for many years ahead.

DAYS Til Santa!

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