Top Reindeer Christmas Decorations for the Holiday Season

When you decorate your home during Christmas, it is a good idea to create a theme. A theme will help you select the right decorations and take a consistent and stylish approach. You will create an impressive effect if you choose the right theme to base your decorations you put up, and everyone who sees them will comment on how great they look and how much effort you put in.

There are many different themes to choose from, but one of our favourites is reindeers. They are beautiful creatures that convey messages of kindness, love and friendship. They bring excitement to young children because of their fury bodies and faces, their intriguing antlers, and the mysterious job that they do, helping Santa Clause fly through the sky every year. Reindeers help Santa Clause deliver presents to girls and boys all over the world, and this concept is magical for both children and adults. Selecting reindeers as the theme for your decorations this Christmas would be a wonderful idea, and you will have a diverse range of decorations to choose from.

The important thing to remember when choosing themed decorations is that you can still have the same variety that you would normally have without a theme. Themes such as reindeers are used in all different types of Christmas decorations, including the traditional choices of baubles, fairy lights and wreaths. You might not see the theme pop up straight away, when you search for your decorations, but the more you look the more fun you will have spotting the lovely little creatures in the decoration catalogue. Here are some ideas that you can use for decorating your home this Christmas.

Fairy and rope lights

The great thing about fairy and rope lights is that they come in a variety of colours to match the colours used in your reindeer display. You could use the traditional choice of white lights, but red, or even rainbow, lights would look great with a reindeer Christmas decoration theme.

Remember Rudolf, and his shiny red nose. When you choose a rope or fairy light display, and you choose to use the colour red, you are replicating a long line of Rudolf noses – shining bright with glory, and brining happiness to your home.

A reindeer theme doesn’t mean that you need to include lots of images of reindeers. You can also use their colours for your decorations, so that you are adopting a consistent approach of style. Fairy and rope lights can also be used in many places, including Christmas trees, walls and doorways.

Christmas trees

Choose a large and impressive artificial Christmas tree that will look great and stand tall in your living area all Christmas long, and decorate it with reindeer-themed Christmas decorations. You can hang anything that you like on a tree that the branches will support. Baubles are a fantastic option, and you can find these with little reindeer pictures on, and also in reindeer colours.

Look for tiny trinkets and decorations that you can hang. You can choose reindeers, but also Santa, elves and Santa’s sleigh are also possible concepts that you can use to extend your reindeer theme choice. You can also add in snow, little gifts and plain coloured baubles, to make your tree an exciting feature in your home.

Outdoor decorations

Create an impressive outdoor display that features Christmas motifs, light displays and statues. You will have a range of different feature to choose from, that can hang from the walls, windows and doors of your home, and others that will stand proud in your front yard.

If you are going to use electrical decorations outside though, remember that they need to be created for that job. You will want a safe and accident-free Christmas, so keep your reindeer-themed indoor decorations for inside.



DAYS Til Santa!


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