Liven Up Your Living Room with Christmas Decorations

If you want to decorate your living room, then you have a huge choice of Christmas decorations to choose from. The living room is the most important room of the home. It is the place where family come together, where presents are unwrapped, and where everyone can relax and feel at home. If you are going to decorate only one room of your home, make it the living room. Everyone will appreciate that you did.

When you decorate, ensure that you include the children. If you don’t have any, you might know some that would like to help you. They will enjoy the treat. Even adults will love to join in, even those who are usually very serious, so ask everyone you know, and decorate the room together.

Choose a tree

When you choose to decorate your living room for Christmas, ensure that you have a tree. This is possibly the most important consideration for decorations, so ensure that you choose this first. You will find that a tree becomes the centrepiece to your home. Presents can be stacked underneath it, and guests can gather around it.

Pick a star

You will certainly need a star on your tree, and it should be placed at the very top. It will brighten up your life and attract attention from anyone who sees it.

Decorate the walls, not just the tree

Walls, doorways and windows can be decorated too, not just the tree. If you don’t have hooks, try using tape to keep tinsel up, it will be light and sparkly and won’t need much to hold it in place.

Keep your colours coordinated

If you would like to keep things streamlined and coordinated, choose just a few colours and don’t make things complicated. Simplicity can be elegant.

Use new and old decorations

Use your old familiar decorations, but add a few more in to jazz the place up and give it a fresh new look.

Hang fairy lights or rope lights

Lights will brighten up any room, and they will make it more inviting. Even if you have a dark and old living area, fairy lights will give it a fresh new look.

Try trinkets and statues

Little Christmas themed trinkets and statues can stand on tables and ledges. They can look beautiful and grand, and will add colour to your room.

Hang stockings

Even if you don’t have a fire place, you can still hang stockings and fill them with treats for your family. They are suitable for hanging anywhere so have fun and enjoy.

Fill a bowl full of lollies

Place a bowl of lollies that are Christmas themed, or another edible treat, and watch them disappear! Not only do they taste great, but they will also decorate your room.

Try something new

There are many different types of Christmas gifts that you can use to brighten up your home and your living room. Try something new, which could be colour or a new style.

DAYS Til Santa!

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