Polishing Your Shiny Christmas Decorations

Shiny Christmas decorations keep the sparkle and magic in our lives during the Christmas season. There are many different items that we can use to decorate our houses with, but shining and glittery decorations always stand out the most. They are elegant and charming, and can even have a feeling of nostalgia. They are beautiful to look at, and you will enjoy bringing them out of the boxes every year.

Shining Christmas decorations can include fairy lights and rope lights, Christmas stars for the top of your tree, little glass baubles, silver statues, and twinkling ornaments and trinkets for your tables, benches and artificial tree. Some items are completely shining, while others will only have a touch of sparkle or a section encrusted in glitter. There are so many shiny Christmas decorations to choose from. All of them will brighten up your festive season, however you will also need to ensure they are well polished and cared for.

Because Christmas is a season that comes around only once each year, Christmas decorations, including your shiniest ones, will need to be stored throughout most of the year. Many people use boxes and packaging to keep them well protected, but this process will still effect the decorations. Shiny Christmas decorations will need to be polished every year when they are removed from the boxes, to ensure that they shine their best, and shine their brightest in your home during the Christmas season.

We have collected some top tips, to help you keep your Christmas decorations shining bright. If you follow these tips, and even develop some of your own, you will keep your decorations shining bright, and glowing prettily for everyone who sees them. If you take extra care of your shiny Christmas decorations, then you will be able to preserve their glamour for many festive seasons to come.

Polish your decorations with a very soft cloth

Obtain a soft cloth for the very purpose of polishing your shiny Christmas decorations. You can even store the cloth with them throughout the year, so that it is ready to go when they are unpacked. Storing the cloth with the decorations means that you won’t lose or forget it throughout the year, and you will be ready to go when you get your decorations out to be displayed.

Rub the cloth gently over the decoration’s surface. Remember that many decorations, even the shiniest ones, are fragile and if you rub them too hard they may crack or pieces of them might fall off. If you want to preserve your decorations, for use over many Christmas season’s to come, then you will need to treat them with care. Don’t rub to hard, when you polish them, and hold them gently in your hands.

Even young children can help to polish Christmas decorations. They will learn about caring for things that they value, and they will be able to contribute to the decorating of the house – just ensure that they too treat the decorations gently, and respect the important process of polishing them. Give them a very soft cloth, and teach them how to rub over the surface of the baubles and silver items. They will be impressed at the way their effort and attention to detail makes such a big difference in the shine of the decorations. They will enjoy watching their own reflection in the decorations and seeing them glimmer and shine.

Avoid polishing glitter

Many Christmas decorations do not have a smooth surface. They are coated with glitter, which if polished will rub off and fall on the floor. If you lose the glitter on your decorations then you will certainly loose the sparkle and shine that they produce. Polishing them will actually damage the decorations and you will need to replace them.

Consider using a soft feather duster for items that shouldn’t be polished. You can hold the glittery decoration in your hand and the feather duster in the other. The duster will remove any dust and dirt that has collected on the decorations over the years, but will not dame the decorations or the surface that is so fragile and glittery.

DAYS Til Santa!

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